The Huddle: Our Visibility Award Picks


This year’s Visibility Awards race is tight. Every single category has so many worthy winners that it makes it almost unbearable to choose just one. Some of the nominees are pleading for your votes, which may sway you.


With voting ending on Monday, we are giving our picks for who should rightfully take home the top honor in an area that is most special to our hearts.

Valerie Anne: Anyone who has had more than one conversation with me ever knows where I stand on the matter, so it’s no surprise, but my vote for Favorite TV Actress goes to Tatiana Maslany. Tatiana plays NINE characters on Orphan Black and they’re all distinct and have their own accents and mannerisms and even gaits for crying out loud! In interviews, she talks about Cosima and Cosima’s relationship with Delphine and the clonesbians with such joy and passion and care and thoughtfulness. She is regularly overlooked for awards she deserves, I won’t stand for her being snubbed for this, too! PLUS HAVE YOU SEEN HER FACE(S)?!


Kim Hoffman: The category of best music video this year is speaking to my soul. I’ve now watched Sia‘s “Chandelier” so many times that I ended up watching YouTube clips of the girl from the video (Maddie Ziegler, who I think is made out of stardust and magic) performing on her dramatic reality TV show Dance Moms. I have mad respect for Sia. She’s so powerful. It’ll be a tough call though because I’m also super partial to Jenny Lewis in this category for “Just One of the Guys,” because K-Stew in drag, duh. 


Chelsea Steiner: I don’t always read tweets, but when I do they’re from Ellen Page. I mean, remember that time when she re-named everyone’s pets? #voteforellen



Tara Aquino: Appropriate Behavior for Best Movie. It nails what it’s like to be the queer child of very traditional immigrant parents in America. From the way she depicts tip-toeing around conversations with her Middle Eastern family to trying to build her own cultural identity as adult, Desiree Akhavan represents a demo in the queer community that I think is underserved. The film is brutally honest, uncomfortable, and hilarious all at the same time and people really need to know it exists. (It’s also insanely spot on when it comes to Bushwick life.)


Lucy Hallowell: Mary Lambert for Musician of the Year because dear god help me I have listened to her cover of “Jesse’s Girl” at least one hundred billion times. I love a gender flipped anything, really, but she has gone beyond just flipping and through some magical, alchemical process turned it into something haunting and deliciously heartbreaking.


Trish Bendix: I am hoping that even if it doesn’t win, at least a few more people have picked up Best Book nominee Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger by Kelly Cogswell. A memoir from one of the founders of the gay women’s art and activism group, Eating Fire documents an important part of our history while also giving us insight into why organizations like the Lesbian Avengers start out with positive intentions but end up being brought down by in-fighting and other challenges that every group of its kind faces. The book is inspiring and written with a novelistic approach; detailed enough without being boring, insightful enough without making readers feel like they’re being lectured.


What one nominee and category are you going hard for this year?



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