“Grey’s” says goodbye to one cast member while Sara Ramirez says hello to another


You know that Beatles song “Hello Goodbye?” Well, Grey’s Anatomy should seriously consider changing its theme song to the jaunty little number. The medical drama has been a revolving door this year, and that’s not even delving into the still-open wound of the Callica debacle. The latest cast member to be shown the door: The L Word alumnus Janina Gavankar.

Despite an earlier announcement in September of her extended stay at Seattle Grace among the new crop of interns, Janina is done. Apparently, the artist formerly known as Papi has left after two episodes.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Janina left because “the role turned out to be smaller than Gavankar had hoped (so small that I don’t even recall seeing her on screen). And without a guarantee that her part would grow, the actress chose to move on.” Janina’s IMDB.com profile says she appeared as “Intern Lisa” in the last two episodes of October — “Life During Wartime” and “There’s No ‘I’ in Team.”

While I tried my darndest to remember her on screen, the best I could do was this production still from the Oct. 30 episode. She might (big emphasis on might) be the intern holding her nose behind Sandra Oh, possibly as a subliminal statement about the stinkingly small role she’d been given.

With Janina and Brooke Smith out, that leaves Melissa George very much in (while simultaneously being out) as the new and probably bisexual intern Sadie. Despite earlier reports of her character’s de-gaying, TV Guide reported earlier this month that she “still fancies the occasional female.” Gosh, isn’t that how every bisexual gal likes to be described in print?

And the latest Ausiello spoiler has yet another possible clue as to where Callie (Sara Ramirez) might find solace after what is known around my house as The Great Parking Lot Blowout That Blew of 2008. Apparently, maybe, who the heck knows but it just might be Sadie. His spoiler reads:

The official ABC logline for the Dec. 4 episode includes this little morsel: “Callie can’t figure out if Sadie is just friendly or flirtatious.” Translation: Sadie’s next for Callie.

Sure, ABC, because throwing your regular cast’s one gay character into another relationship with a brand new character after the relationship that the fans actually invested in cared about was ended shockingly without any rational reasoning sounds like a great idea. And by great, ABC, I mean stupid. SadCal? Yeah, I don’t think so.