Morning Brew – Jena Malone loves her two moms


Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve!

Rosie O’Donnell was not pleased with how Katie Couric interviewed Stephn Collins, so she wrote a poem about it.

Congrats to Katherine Brooks, whose goal for her new film Confidential has been met on Kickstarter.

The Hairpin talked with Sarah Waters about The Paying Guests and the kinds of research she does for her historical novels.

Celebified talked with stars of Transparent (Zackary Drucker, Ian Harvie, Alexandra Billings and Ian Harvie) on the red carpet of Trevor Live.

Lphabet star Brittany Ashley is in a new BuzzFeed video called “Weird Things You Say About Strangers.” The guy at the end has her pegged: “She looks like one of those girlie lesbians who got, like, a weird obsession with, like, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something.”

Robin Roberts talks with Meredith Vieira about her awkward moment talking with the President about his stance on same-sex marriage back in 2012.

She also talked about the recent “I Can’t Breathe” and Ferguson protests and how she thinks it will be “a game changer in 2015.”

Sara Quin spoke with Under the Radar about the kinds of descriptors that usually go along with Tegan and Sara, or have in the past.

“The other thing I remember actively recognizing pretty much as soon as we started playing was that all of these words that really bothered us, that people were using to describe us, to me felt very coded. So “folk” meant girl and lesbian. And “songwriter” meant girl and lesbian. It didn’t mean the same thing when people called Neil Young a songwriter. It didn’t mean the same thing when people called Conor Oberst a songwriter. To me, songwriter meant, “You know, music for people like them,” which is lesbians and women. So I started thinking, “We’ve got to get away from these words.” Not because I don’t believe in them or like them or think they’re accurate, but because used in the context at that time, I felt they were coded words to put us in a different category than I wanted to be in. Especially back then, it felt like we were only compared to things that were “like us.” So we would never get compared to the people I thought were our peers. When So Jealous came out, I wanted to be compared to the bands that I thought we were coming up on the scene with, like Arcade Fire and The Stills and Feist and Metric. We were very rarely compared to those people or talked about in the scene with those people. So I think we constantly used words to reinforce where we imagined that we belonged. Eventually, slowly, it felt like people begrudgingly put us in there. And it still happens all the time. Maybe it is because we aren’t really a band—I don’t know—but I still feel very strongly that it’s important for us to define ourselves the way we want to be defined, especially when it feels like the words that other people use to define us have always made me feel aggravated. [Laughs]”

Actress Jena Malone talked with The Daily Beast about being raised by two women.

“They were lovers. I had two moms, and it was awesome. Double the pleasure! The more love you have as a child, the better.”



Paula Pell‘s upcoming feature starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler has been renamed. It was called The Nest, but will be released this year as Sisters, and here’s the first shot.


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