Television shows that are being shown the door


Now that all the fall television shows have made their debut or return, the networks are putting some of them on the proverbial chopping block. There have been rumors swirling on several shows, based on ratings, behind-the-scenes hirings and firings, and just plain gossip.

Here’s where some of them stand.

Lipstick Jungle

Entertainment Weekly says it’s out; Brooke Shields says it’s not true. I’m hoping it’s not true only because we want Lindsay Price to have a job, because there are so few Asian-American woman on television.

My Own Worst Enemy

Saffron Burrows plays a psychologist, and Christian Slater plays a man with split personalities. From reviews, it seems like this show doesn’t know where it wants to go. I want Saffron to stick around, but can’t vouch that I watch the show myself.

Pushing Daisies

The rumor mill maintains that the call for 13 episodes includes a finale (and not just for this season). Star Kristin Chenoweth even commented that she wasn’t too sure about its future, and if no one is telling her what’s up, then I can only guess it’s headed off the air.


This one seems to be entirely true. Was anyone still watching this, if anyone ever was to begin with?

Are any other shows you’ve been keeping up with heading down the same path? Perhaps Grey’s will come to an untimely end. You never know with them.

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