Morning Brew – Ellen films Portia doing a Jane Fonda workout


Good morning!

Here’s a #TBT for you: Suze Orman in 2000. Just hanging out on a table.

Portrait of author Suze Orman 

They say you should keep your enemies close. Well the enemy is writing about how lesbian parents create lesbian children, and how terrible that is.

Ellen recorded Portia doing some Jane Fonda workouts and it was hilarious. Jane also thinks Jennifer Lawrence is the most beautiful woman alive. Meanwhile, the couple are selling some of their condos.

The sisters that make up Blonde Electra are really into getting attention, even if its for kissing each other in a weird way on national TV. The X-Factor finalists said of their bizarre moment:

“The kiss was a statement of our love for each other. We wanted it to be shocking so people would recognise it and talk about it because at the end of the day, the world needs love. There is so much hate in this world, we wanted to show love for one another.We think it’s hilarious that one kiss can cause so much controversy. There’s nothing wrong with it. We even got incest to trend!”

This is a new level of attention-seeking!

Carrie Brownstein answers Andy Warhol‘s Q&A at Interview.

Bad ass band Tomboy have a cool new video for their track, “Moths.” Out singer Sarah Aument says of the concept:

“The song is about anxiety and a desire to be ‘normal.’ Eventually, the remedy for the anxiety comes from self-acceptance. There were a few specific months when my anxiety would wake me up extremely early in the morning. I didn’t have a screen on my window, so I would crack the top part and moths, among other things, would find their way into my apartment. As moths do, they would all crowd around a light. Looking retrospectively, I realized that a lot of my anxiety was based around ‘otherness,’ kind of like being a moth that didn’t want to crowd around a light. So, I took that and ran with it.”

Syd the Kid is featured on Black Weirdo.

This new ad for Tylenol has two moms and is adorable. A real modern family.

The University of Minnesota-Duluth has not renewed the contract of out women’s hockey coach Shannon Miller, claiming it was a “financial” decision. But the sports community, as well as locals in Duluth, are outraged, especially as the men’s hockey team received no cuts of the same kind. Shannon said in a statement:

“Well obviously I would have taken a pay cut if they would have talked to me about it. We’re coming out of a recession. They are making cuts at the university. Of course I would have taken a pay cut. Possibly my staff would have taken one. I think there should have been conversations about pay cut for staff. I think there should have been conversations about budgets being cut. But let me be very clear Matt, those conversations should be held with the women’s Division I hockey team and the men’s Division I hockey team. I will not shy away from that. That is a plain and simple fact.”

Shannon Miller

Sarah Paulson chatted about Freak Show and playing Marcia Clark in American Crime with TVLine.

Out actress Snoop Pearson has a new role. The former Wire star has been cast in Ka’ramuu Kush‘s As the Freak Takes You, which follows “the story of Summer Hughes, an omnisexual woman who navigates a complex triad of lovers: a bi-racial lesbian, a bi-sexual white man and a celibate black man, while exploring the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.” Snoop will play the lesbian role, and Ka’ramuu is currently looking for his lead.

"For Vixen's Who've Considered Homicide When The Video Was Too Much" - Opening Night

Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig love a good U-Haul joke.



Need some last minute gift ideas for the tomboy in your life? Check out this guide from SheWired.

PQ Monthly talks with Suzanne Westenhoefer about the challenges of doing comedy for young queer audiences.

Out comic Kelley Quinn stars in this Law & Order parody.

Of course Harry Potter has LGBT characters. They’re just all hiding under invisibility cloaks.

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