“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.9): Secrets Revealed


This week’s episode was the midseason finale. And, wow! Not only were we finally given answers to some of our questions, but they also left us with a cliffhanger that had me screaming at my television.

With Jane’s flashback, we find out why she hasn’t pursued a writing career. Turns out she overhead Abuela talking to Xiomara about her singing career, just as Jane was going to show Abuela the short story she wrote. Abuela scolded Xiomara and said, “Dreams don’t pay bills!” This was enough to kill Jane’s dreams.

Back in the present, Jane receives an email from an online lit magazine stating that they loved the story she submitted and want to publish it. She decides that she isn’t going to publish the story because it’s based off of Xiomara and pokes fun of the way she dresses and acts around men. Eventually, Xiomara goes to use Jane’s computer and see the email on the screen. She reads Jane’s story and is hurt by it. She asks Jane if she really feels that way about her. Jane admits that, growing up, she did, but she exaggerated the character for the story. She has no intention of signing the consent form to have it published. The thing is, Xiomara already signed the form for Jane and emailed it back to the magazine.

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Xiomara puts a halt on her singing career after her meeting with a record executive. The guy was shocked when she walked into the meeting because he thought Xomara would be much younger. After hearing that she’s quitting, Rogelio gets Paulina Rubio, a Latina pop star, to randomly be at an award show after party and talk to Xiomara about not giving up on her dream of being a singer. Since Paulina Rubio is the singing goddess for Xiomara, she does as Paulina says.

If you want to hear something funny, then listen to Michael’s theory on Rafael: Rafael is Sin Rostro. Michael’s reason behind his theory is that once Rafael found out he has cancer, Sin Rostro went missing. Now that Rafael is better, Sin Rostro is making moves again. So, Michael uses Billy, his brother who is now working at the hotel, to get dirt on Rafael. So what does Billy do? He steals Rafael’s wallet. They find a key sown on the inside of the wallet. What is the key for, and what does he have to hide?

One night they sneak into Rafael’s office and open the safe which has money and a bundle of passports. We never see if the passports happen to be Rafael’s or someone else’s. Michael then gets a warrant to search Rafael’s office. Billy is paid five hundred dollars to tell the police that he just so happened to be passing by the office and saw the money and passports in the safe, which happened to be wide open. Rafael takes Michael and his partner, Nadine, into the office and unlocks the safe. When he opens it, the safe is empty. This, of course, infuriates Michael.

Upset about not finding the passports and money in the safe, Nadine and Michael are in bathroom of the guest room where the Serbian disappeared. The two of them are making out on the bathroom counter when one of them accidentally pushes something. This prompts the bathroom to rise and open, revealing a secret passageway below.

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What about Jane and Rafael? Jane is trying to humble Rafael by making him take the bus with her to the sonogram. Jane was nervous because of stuff she read on WebMD. The doctor informs them that the baby is fine. Just as they are both relived and happy to hear the news, in comes Petra. Rafael tells Petra to leave, but she claims the baby is hers too. She and Michael drew up adoption papers about a surrogate mother after she had that miscarriage. With that, Jane is, technically the surrogate. Petra also mentions that Jane suing Luisa only shows that Jane never wanted the baby and won’t look good on her end in court.

Back at the hotel Michael comes across a crying Jane. She tells him what happened at the doctor’s office. He offers to help. Of course, Rafael isn’t okay with it, but he succumbs to Jane. Jane meets up with Petra, just the two of them, to talk about the baby. Michael wires Jane so he and Rafael can listen in on their conversation. All they need is to get Petra to admit that she wants nothing to do with the baby and only wants the money. Instead, Petra gives a sob story about her father. Apparently, she went a few years without ever really seeing or knowing her father. She, also, claims that he died one week before the Berlin Wall came down. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Petra’s documents state that she was born in 1989, after the wall came down. Rafael called her bluff. Rafael decides to hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on Petra.

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Meanwhile, Rogelio invites Abuela, Jane, and Xiomara to an awards show where he’s nominated for best actor in a telenovela. Sure that he is going to win, he stands when they announce the winner. He’s embarrassed when his rival, Estevan, is announced. After the awards show, everyone goes back to the hotel where they are having the after party. It’s here that Rafael and Jane confront Petra about her lies.

Five years ago in the Czech Republic, Milos, Petra’s ex, followed Petra and her mother, Magda, one night. He hides in a doorway with acid in his hand, ready to strike Petra as soon as they approach. But when they do, Petra bends down to pick up change on the floor. Just as she does so, Milos sprays the acid, which then hits Magda in the face. She backs up into the street and is hit by a car. Now we know why Magda’s face has those burn marks and why she’s in a wheel chair. Petra is later approached by Ivan, the guy they still have tied up in their hotel room. Ivan tells Jane that Milos will still go after her if she doesn’t leave the country. He offers her new paperwork to change her identity from Natalia to Petra. All for a price, of course.

When Rafael tells Petra this information, you can tell she’s scared. He tells her to sign the divorce papers and leave them alone. She obliges. But I’m not too sure about all of that. I don’t think Petra will give up without a fight.

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At the party, Abuela was drunk off of too much champagne and/or wine. She wanted to give Petra a piece of her mind so she wanders off to Petra’s hotel room. How she knew where to go, I don’t know. Either way, she knocks on the door yelling for Petra and Magda opens it. Ivan is yelling for help from inside. Magda shoves Abuela from the door. Scared, Abuela runs for the elevator. Since it was taking too long, she makes her way over to the stairs. She stands in the doorway looking down at the flights of stairs she’d have to take all the way down. While contemplating what to do, someone pushes Abuela. She tumbles down the stairs and lies there, lifeless. Who would do such a thing to sweet, old Abuela? Magda. Magda STANDS in the doorway, with a smirk on her face. She sits back down in her wheel chair and wheels herself back to her room.

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