“The Real World: Skeletons” Nicole Zanatta talks hooking up and the show’s new twist


AE: I didn’t think so. What about your friends, do you have a core group of lezbro friends that you go out with?

NZ: Actually, I don’t. I have a few gay friends, but most of them are straight women and straight men. I don’t really hang out with a lot of lesbians.

AE: Why?

NZ: Some of it’s drama, obviously the jealousy of “that’s my girlfriend you can’t talk to her,” so I try to curve away from that.


AE: What’s one of your craziest, weirdest hookup stories?

NZ: Way back like five years ago, I had a boyfriend and then I had a girlfriend. Then the boyfriend got a girlfriend, and then I cheated on my girlfriend with my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend.

AE: Are you still working as an EMT?

NZ: Yeah, actually I work at three! I’m an EMT, a personal trainer, I save lives and have a job that always comes first. I’m also training to be a firefighter and will hopefully become a firefighter in two years.

AE: Did you go to any gay bars or lesbian nights while you were in Chicago?

NZ: Yes, absolutely. We went to Boystown! Boystown was awesome, there a lot a friendly people, but then some not so friendly people. You’re basically walking onto someone else’s turf. So they’re either going to love or hate it, and there were ups and downs.

AE: Did you hang out with any gay girls in Chicago?

NZ: No, I hooked up with a few, but that was it. Most of them, I think, were either bi or bicurious.

AE: When the cameras were on, did you feel like girls were flocking to you more than usual?

NZ: Absolutely not! The cameras actually hurt the game because women didn’t feel comfortable on camera. Normally you can go into a bar, hit on a straight girl like, “Hey, I’m gay,” and it wouldn’t matter. But when the cameras are on and a girl is taken, they can’t risk having that aired. Sometimes you’d have to walk them into the bathroom and talk to them. If that didn’t work, you’d have to walk them outside.

AE: On this season of The Real World, it’s all about skeletons, meaning someone coming back from a castmate’s past to haunt them. On MTV.com, everyone else’s skeleton seems more clear than yours. Why is your skeleton so vague, and can you tell us about it?

NZ: It is vague! I can’t tell you much, but it’s vague because I feel my skeleton was more of a personal problem and about bringing someone on to deal with it.

AE: Do you think bringing back something or someone from a dark past actually helped people in the Real World house with their issues?

NZ: Absolutely. That’s really, really important. If there’s someone you kind of stopped talked to, then why? What happened? That’s a question you have to ask. Also did that help this person grow, or did it hurt them? That’s a question you have to ask too. I think everyone watching The Real World this season is going to ask those questions, but the only people who can really answer are the cast members and their skeletons.

AE: Is anything you would say that lesbians can learn from you while watching The Real World: Skeletons?

NZ: They’re going to learn so much! They’re going to learn a lot about the game, a lot about women, and a lot about respect. Respect is a major thing to me. Know what you’re worth, because if you don’t know what you’re worth, people take full advantage of it.

The Real World: Skeletons premiers tonight on MTV at 10/9c! You can follow Nicole on Twitter.

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