20 Unsung and Underused Les/Bi Characters of 2014


This year we had a record number of lesbian, bi and otherwise queer-identified female characters on television. However, there is still a criminal under-usage of many of them. Whether they are relegated to guest star appearances, brief stints or small roles in larger ensembles where straight people still lead the show, we’re hoping that the ones that survived 2014 will be more gainfully employed on their respective shows in 2015.

Reyna Flores (Matador)


Sad news: Not only was Reyna shot and killed, but Matador was also given the ax after its first season. We’ll always have this goodbye kiss she gave her secret girlfriend.

Jane (The Comeback)


We’re so happy to see Jane come out on the return of The Comeback, but now we’re hoping to see another season of the HBO series, with more of Jane (and maybe even Joan).

Adriana Mendez (The Bridge)


Out actress Emily Rios played an impressively obsessive reporter on FX’s dark detective show, and she really got to show off her acting chops in Season 2. Sadly, it wasn’t picked up for Season 3, although Emily was just cast on True Detective.

Kathy (Gracepoint)


Weird bangs aside, Kathy was only a blip on the Gracepoint radar and could have had more interaction with castmates like Anna Gunn. Fox did not pick up the show for a second season, so we bid you adieu, Kathy.

Julie (Alpha House)


After only being a small role in Season 1 of the Amazon political farce, Brooke Bloom had much more to do this year, including marrying her partner. No word on a Season 3 pickup yet, but we’re holding out for more Julie.

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