Get ready to “Let it Go” as “Glee” prepares for its swan song


Oh Glee. Glee, Glee, Glee. Why can’t I quit you? Oh right, Brittana. As Glee prepares to air its final season, the show is going back to its roots. And by roots, I mean McKinley. In the first promo for Season 6, we see Rachel and Kurt, once again going to battle against Sue Sylvester.

glee promo1GleePromo

We know there is a time jump, and Rachel, whose sole ambition in life was to be a Broadway star, is somehow back at her alma mater, trying to revive the now defunct Glee Club. She drags Kurt along as well.

They won’t be lonely though, because it looks like Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Blaine are along for the ride as well. All that cheerleading must have made Santana and Brittany amorous, since the major buzz about Glee’s final season involves Brittana tying the knot. Way to reel us back in, Glee. Action shots!

Glee Promo2gleepromo3

If Rachel is back coaching New New New New Directions, does this picture mean Blaine is coaching The Warblers? If not, dude, you need to stop singing with your high school glee group. Even if the blazer is pretty iconic.

Glee Promo4

Of course in the promo Rachel sings “Let it Go,” made famous by her television mama, Idina Menzel. Maybe that means moving on after grieving for Finn, or perhaps it means letting go of the things she thought she was, or should be.


Another supposed major storyline in this final season, involves Coach Beiste’s (Dot-Marie Jones) transition to male. While this was never really addressed in previous seasons, hopefully Glee will do that storyline justice. Alex Newell, who plays Unique, is due to appear as well to lend some support to Coach Beiste.

So, will you be tuning in for Glee’s final season? Do you buy Rachel’s return to the hallowed William McKinley halls? Are you ready to toss rice for Brittana? Have you been longing to slip on a Sue Sylvester style track suit and sing along? We will be recapping this season, and hope to see you on Twitter using #gaysharks, one last time.


Glee‘s 2 hour final season premiere airs Friday, January 9th on FOX.




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