“The Comeback” recap (2.6): Valerie Cooks in the Desert


Production is making Val wait on set to shoot for a scene that doesn’t even have a script yet. Totes annoying. THEN her nephew tells her that Paulie is just in a tent doing drugs! Val’s all “HAIL NAW” and she runs into Paulie’s tent to find he is just getting a massage. No drugs there! Whew! Then Paulie’s all “GRAAAHHHHH” because, you know, Stillwell Angel/Shitty Grizzly.

Val and Jane

In the craft service truck Val is rolling up her rollatinis, when shit hits the fan for real. I’ll just tell you how this ends: Wheelchair bound angry producer man rolls away giving Val the middle finger. They wanted her on set, but she had been waiting for hours earlier and refuses to go until she knows there is a script. It is hot, she is going to be late for her dinner, and everyone is in a terrible mood. Val gets serious here, and rightfully so, because she is being mistreated. None of the people on this set would even think of asking Seth Rogen to sweat his ass off for no reason. I am totally on Val’s side.

Middle Finger

By the time Val gets to Mark’s Palisades place, it is 11:30. He is already asleep, but she leaves the rollatinis at his doorstep with a note written on the back of a Seeing Red call sheet. Sadly, some dogs get into it! Dammit! Jane asks, “Do you even know he’s home?” which freaks the hell out of Val. Maybe he’s out grinding on mother fucking KATHY?! Val decides to throw a pebble at Mark’s window, Romeo and Juliet style. Aww! It breaks the window. It does get Mark’s attention, though, and he lets her in. Jane runs up the doorstep and grabs the note. It reads, “Marky Mark, I was late. Hopefully not too late. I love you. Valerie.” Val be pulling at my heart-strings! I know her and Mark will work it out!

Jane note

This week I think we should all attempt making Beef Rollatini in honor of the love between Mark and Valerie. I know I will be. 

beef rollatini

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