“The Comeback” recap (2.6): Valerie Cooks in the Desert


In her car with Jane and Mickey, she calls Mark. He tried to change the Nobu reservation, but they don’t have anything available for later in the evening on Saturday. Val asks if they have anything available for Sunday but Mark. Has. Plans. With. KATHY?! Who the hell is Kathy?! What so now we gotta beat down some bitch named Kathy?! Val is GOING to make Saturday work. She tells Mark she will handle the dinner plans.

Val in the Car

At the grocery store, Val becomes confused by the many meats. I get it, meats are hard. Mickey comes back from the bathroom stating, “I barely made it in time and I left four pounds in there.” Val says he doesn’t have to come the desert shoot. She is approached by Gigi, the “girl writer” from Room and Bored on season 1. Gigi had a real rough go of it on Room and Bored. The boys ignored her and she was having weight issues. Gigi is a sad sack. 


She walks up to Val with a cart full of food, just munchin’ some kale chips, wearing a hilarious fat suit. She tells Val that she is writing for Pretty Little Liars now! However, she had a pilot at HBO about a woman who goes to sleep and “wakes up one day four times bigger than when she went to bed,” but HBO went with Girls. Bastards! Then Gigi starts up with the dang water works. She hates her life, she’s sad that her show that she loves so much isn’t on HBO, her dog walker is a bitch. She tells Val she has four houses, and they are empty. Gigi asks Jane not to use any of this footage because women in TV can’t cry! Val views it as a cautionary tale, you can’t make work your whole life. And you know what that means: Beef Rollatini for two!

Sir, I'll take the beef

Val gets to set in the desert, and is informed the Paulie hasn’t written the last scene yet. She has to get out by five! Beef Rollatini for Mark! Kill Kathy! It isn’t looking good for Val. The scene they are shooting is just a simple shot of Val chillin’ in a trunk of a car, tied up, and covered in fake snakes. It is hard to get the shot, though. The snakes end up looking fake, so they pop a real one in there. Don’t worry, NOT POISONOUS.


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