“The Comeback” recap (2.6): Valerie Cooks in the Desert


When we last left our heroine (I’m looking at you, Paulie G) she was feeling revitalized by a comment about her outstanding performance on Seeing Red. Val caught a break! Finally! Also the symbolism in the show is borderline going overboard. Last week they played with the idea of light, and how you don’t need a bright room to shine a light on something new and really special. This week we deal with the themes of “heat” and “poop.” Let’s go!


Val prances into the kitchen (filled with camera men, Mickey, and our gal, Jane) holding a copy of the New York Times with a review of Seeing Red on the cover. Val is happy! The review is great! She highlighted every part that was about her! Mark walks into the kitchen looking annoyed. He is still staying at the rental home in the Palisades. He reads the review, and asks how the set up for the premiere party was going. Val has to do reshoots so the party is off. There is some serious trouble in paradise, y’all.

Mark is pissed that he drove all the way to their house AND he tells Val that he is going to stay in the Palisades house for a few weeks longer than he has planned. Oh hell no. Val would never show how scared she is, but damn. This is not a good sign. Val betta werque to keep her man! But not until after she finishes shooting Seeing Red. Luckily they have dinner plans at Nobu on Saturday, so she can work her lady magic.

In her trailer, Mickey is trying to teach himself how to tweet. Rada enters to talk about the reshoot and all of the new material. Mickey interrupts to let himself out of the trailer to go to the restroom, but NOPE, he ain’t gonna make it. He has to go in the trailer and it’s loud as hell. Rada and Val try to talk over the fireworks in the bathroom. Mickey tells Val that his cancer medication is giving him serious stomach issues. Poor Mickey!

On set, Val enters the Seeing Red version of her office. They used all of the same things from her actual home, including the framed chair back from her 90s sitcom I’m It! Val fights to get it taken down because she doesn’t want the audience to think SHE gave Paulie a blow job. Mallory gave Mitch a blow job. Paulie continues to be terrible to everyone. He is like an angry baby. If Stillwell Angel from A League of Their Own and a shitty old grizzly bear had a baby it would be Paulie G. He doesn’t want to hear anything about the reviews! Paulie just want BURGERRAAAHHHH! The producer (another angry man) informs Val she has to shoot in the desert on Saturday. She tries to get out of it to no avail.

Paulie Burger

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