“Arrow” recap (3.9): Truths, lies, and videotape


Previously on Arrow, Felicity got kissed by Ray McSkeevy, Thea lied about a lot of things, mostly about Malcolm, Nyssa told her father that Oliver won’t let her kill Merlyn and Ra’s al Ghul declared war against the Arrow.

At Starling City PD’s holiday party, Captain Lance goes outside to find that the Arrow left him a present in the form of a bad guy tied up practically with a bow. (Actually I guess technically he was probably tied up with the help of a bow…and arrow. Ba dum kssh.) As soon as Captain Lance is out of sight, Oliver is attacked by a group of people kind of dressed like Malcolm Merlyn. He’s knocked out and captured and taken to the one, the only, Nyssa al Ghul. 

Arrow 309-1I wouldn’t hate being dropped at her feet.

Nyssa said that she gave Team Arrow time but they have not been making progress on Operation Justice for Sara and quite frankly she’s tired of waiting, and so is her father. She gives Oliver 48 hours to solve the murder or she’s going to set her team of assassins loose on Starling City. Nothing like an ultimatum to light a fire under someone, right? Oliver yells that Sara wouldn’t have wanted things to be like this, but Nyssa hisses back that Sara is dead and that’s kind of the point of all this.

Laurel goes to Sara’s grave to chat with her sister and wish her a Merry Christmas, and runs into Thea who was doing the same for her mother. Quite frankly, it’s a miracle they were the only two in the graveyard, considering how many people die on the regular in this city. Thea is confused as to why Laurel is visiting the empty grave of her alive sister and Laurel’s secret comes spilling out, and she confesses that Sara is very much not alive and definitely six feet under their feet currently. Thea seems genuinely surprised.


Laurel makes her promise not to tell anyone, not Captain Lance, not Oliver, no one. Thea promises and gives her a hug, no stranger to familial loss.

At Palmer Tech, Ray McSkeevy goes into Felicity’s office and tries to make small talk, but she’s not having it. She’s sick of people kissing her and running away like a couple of Georgie Porgies and would like to pretend the kiss never happened in the first place (as would I) and storms out when she gets a 911 from Oliver before Palmer can protest.

Oliver tells Team Arrow about Nyssa and her ultimatum. He tells them they’re out of time, they’ve slacked too long on Operation Justice for Sara, and they have to find her killer because they don’t have a plan for how to stop the League of Assassins descending on their precious city.

Felicity calls Caitlin to expedite the DNA results that she was helping out with. Felicity asks if she’s okay and thanks her and wishes her happy holidays and we really need another lady in the Arrow cave for Felicity. For friendship or for lady kisses, I’ll take either.

Arrow 309-3 I’m 30 seconds away from officially shipping Smoaklin.

Felicity runs the DNA results through a database of everyone who committed a felony in the last three years, but she’s sure there must be some mistake, because the blood comes back as a match for Oliver. And not just a kind of close match, we’re talking 12 out of 13 markers. Oliver is sure this means Merlyn is trying to frame him so the League of Assassins hates him even more than they already do. They decide to try to track Merlin’s movements over the past few months to see if they can find any holes in his alibi. (And by “they,” I mean Felicity.)

Meanwhile, at the Starling City police station, a wild Mama Lance appears! Laurel is as surprised to see her as I was, and tries to be happy about it, but as soon as Mama Lance mentions Sara and her unanswered phone calls, Laurel lies like a Pretty Little Liar (read; not well) and Mama knows something is terribly wrong.

Arrow 309-4“A lawyer who can’t lie sounds like something you’d find on the Island of Misfit Toys.”

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