Entertainment Weekly’s “entertainers of the year” list leave a few lesbians behind


I’m beginning to wonder if I’m watching all the wrong television shows, reading all the wrong magazines and blogs, or just plain out of touch. See, I was thinking that Grey’s Anatomy had a huge following with (until recently) two queer women, and it being on primetime on a network made it even bigger news.

I thought, maybe, Ellen DeGeneres was someone that even straight people knew. Does no one watch daytime television (or the Oscars) anymore? I guess no one buys People magazine, either.

I also thought Bravo was super-gay, and some of its most-loved shows (Top Chef, Work Out and Shear Genius) were basically all about gay women.

And, OK, I know AfterEllen.com is close to becoming RachelMaddowFans.org as of late, but seriously, how can you deny that she has become the hottest political commentator of the year?

Entertainment Weekly kind of included Ms. Maddow on their list of “25 Entertainers of the Year,” under the umbrella of “Talking Heads” (but points lost for using a picture of Elisabeth Hasselbeck instead of Rachel).

They also kind of included the lesbians of the aforementioned Bravo shows, but that’s almost giving them too much credit, since they chose to put all of the men and straight women in the accompanying photo (Rachel Zoe? Seriously?)

Cynthia Nixon was also psuedo-included as one of the “Women of Sex and the City“, which, by the way, was one of the largest-grossing movies of the year, so they should probably be right up under Tina Fey (who should clearly be number one instead of Robert Downey Jr).

Perhaps if Out hadn’t dissed us so bad by barely including any of our own in a list of supposedly the 100 gay and lesbian women of the year, I wouldn’t be so fed up with lists excluding us. But, in the tradition of Sex and the City, I can’t help but wonder why it seems like they’re going almost out of their way to do so.

I mean, they publish the “Ausiello Files” — you’d think they’d read them once and a while, right? Not only did Michael Ausiello keep us up to date on all Callica and Melissa George matters on Grey’s, but he predicted Hahn’s disappearance and broke the story of Brooke Smith being fired.

Grey’s aside, it seems like we’re here, we’re queer, we’re easily ignored sometimes. Is it too much to ask that we’re at least acknowledged? I, for one, was not entertained by half the list this year (Katy Perry included).

I will acknowledge, though, they did get a few right: Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Banks.

Am I being too hard on EW?

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