“Chasing Life” recap (1.11): Don we now our bi apparel


Brenna and her grandmothers go to a Christmas Tree Store that doesn’t sell anything Christmas nor tree related. Other Grandma tries to push Brenna off on the dopey cashier, which is insulting, not because he’s male, but because Brenna’s way out of his league, emotionally and intellectually, at least based on the short interaction we saw. Grandma Emma thinks this is hilarious and picks up a rainbow flag and starts waving it around, playing innocent about knowing what it’s for. Brenna is not amused.

CL 111-4Me, on the other hand? VERY amused.

Since April’s doctor told her it would be less traumatic to be in control of when and how she lost her hair, Beth offers to give her a haircut. But, since all of her hair won’t fall out overnight, they decide to go in stages and have a little fun with it before she goes full baldcap. First up: 50’s movie star. 

CL 111-5Beth should open a salon. Best Best Friend Hair.

Back at the Carver House, George tries to talk about his feelings for her but Sara is like, “Dude, your parents are living with me and my daughter is in the hospital with cancer, I think our weird almost-incestual love affair can hang out on the back burner for a bit.” He responds by telling her that she can’t go to the hospital to see April for a week. Not as a direct result of her comment, but because she’s sneezy and they can’t take any risks with April’s immune system being compromised.

The next ‘do for April is a short blonde number. If the chemo didn’t make her hair fall out, all this hair dye would.

CL 111-6

April visits Leo in his hospital room, and he tells her he feels bad about the Dom thing, but she told him their problems were more numerous than just her charismatic cancer buddy. Leo jokes about all the scary paperwork he has to fill out, but April forces him into some real talk. He admits he’s scared about possibly dying, and that he’ll think about what would be on his bucket list, because she asked him to.

Back home, Brenna picks up an old Christmas photo album. She finds a picture of she and April when they were small, laughing and smiling, their biggest concern what being what they would find under the Christmas tree. Brenna allows herself to be truly sad, to feel the feelings she’s been keeping at bay for April’s sake, and she cries.


April Skypes her family from the hospital and asks for gossip, and the Other Grandparents joke again that they think Brenna has a boyfriend. Brenna has had just about enough and bursts out that she’s not technically dating anyone but she was like two seconds ago but it was a girl because she’s bi. Sara starts to define the word “bisexual” for them but Other Grandma is like, “Bitch, I used polyamorous in a sentence earlier, I know what she means.” Other Grandma says she doesn’t care that Brenna’s gay (which Brenna corrects and repeats that she’s bi) but she’s hurt that she’s the last to know about it, that she’s the last to know anything.

Personal story sidebar: When I came out to my parents, one of the first things my mother said to me was, “Don’t tell your grandparents.” Which was fair; she lives in a two-family house with them, I live four hours away. If they were going to have a problem with my being a lesbian, she was the one who was going to have to hear about it. I agreed to keep my lips zipped, as long as I was single. Well, long story short, Papa was more internet-savvy than any of us anticipated, and since I was out to pretty much everyone else, he inadvertently found out I was a lesbian. So my mother ended up getting that earful she was trying to avoid, but much to all of our surprise, it wasn’t about me being gay. He couldn’t care less, he said. He loved me and that’s all that mattered; if I was happy, he was happy. He was NOT pleased, however, that no one told him. And, since my mother lived in a two-family house with him and I lived four hours away, she got to shoulder that blame. Anyway, my point is, this twist in reaction made me laugh both because it was unexpected and also because it literally happened to me.

CL 111-8Bisexual teenager representation for the win! 

But Brenna wasn’t the only one who came out in this little family outburst; the Other Grandparents were also outed for having known about Natalie. All of the bickering was more than poor April could handle and she hangs up on them. Brenna, the youngest there by far, scolds them for acting like children and storms off.

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