“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.8): She’s Baaaaaaack!


Finally, Luisa is back! Let the lesbian choir sing. All rejoice in her presence.

But first, let’s start from the beginning.

This week’s flashback began with Xiomara receiving a court order for parking ticket in the mail. Abuela was upset with Xiomara for this, and a young Jane is eager to know why it would be of concern for Abuela. Abuela goes into story mode about how she met her husband, Jane’s grandfather. Turns out the grandfather was rich and gave up all his money to be with Abuela. No longer rich and trying to get into the United States from Venezuela turned out to be harder than they thought. Abuela didn’t say it exactly, but turns out she’s an illegal citizen.

We finally found out why Rafael stood up Jane and ran off to Mexico City. He went on a search for his sister, Luisa. If he didn’t bring back Luisa in time for the court date with Jane, then he would lose his job. He tracked down Luisa’s bank and credit card statements to somewhere in Mexico City, but Luisa was nowhere to be found.

While Rafael was away, Jane kept busy by hugging the many couples from church who wanted her holiness to rub off on them.

Xiomara was dating Marco, the dad from the previous episode but dropped him as soon as she realized there weren’t any sparks between them. At least no sparks like the ones between her and Rogelio. I’m serious, there are legit sparks between them. We can see it and hear it whenever they touch. Rogelio even got her some studio time with a top producer. At first she was upset because she thought the producer loved her voice but found out the producer only contacted her because Rogelio set it up. But then she realized that Rogelio was doing it out of the kindness of his heart. Then they touched and there were sparks.

JTV 8-1

Petra and her mom are cooped up in a tiny room with Ivan, still, as their hostage.

And, Michael is still on the hunt for Sin Rostro. Michael and his partner find a guy at the loading docks that is associated with Sin Rostro, and follow him back to the hotel where he gets a room. They really need to give his character more of a storyline because it’s making it hard for me to like him. Hopefully by next week we can see more of this.

And now that we are up to speed with what our favorite characters have been up to since the last episode two weeks ago, let’s get into the juicy stuff.

Jane’s court day arrives and it looks as though it’s going to be a default judgment, with Luisa nowhere to be found. But, of course, she pops up late and in what seems to be a sort of hippy/stoner attitude. Her hair and flowing colorful blouse seem to give a “let’s love one another” image. Apparently she was away at a retreat where she found herself, and that money is the root of all her problems. She’s back. That’s all that matters. Since Luisa has returned, there is no default and her returning in time means that Rafael can keep his job.

JTV 8-2

Rafael asks for his job back and his father gives it to him under one condition: Rafael has to answer to Laughlin. But that’s not the worst of it. Laughlin has hired on Petra. Rafael meets with Laughlin to talk about returning to his job. Laughlin is happy to break the news to Rafael that instead of answering directly to him, Rafael is now to answer to Petra. Rafael leaves upset and tells them to shove the job.

Later that night, Rafael and Jane finally have a little alone time. They go out to dinner, just the two of them. A couple from another table sends over some food, which they say is for Jane the Virgin. Rafael is confused, because Jane never told him that she has yet to do the deed. She finally comes clean but Rafael’s reaction is not what she expected. He’s freaked out, and obviously uncomfortable with the fact that he’s dating a virgin. He downs his scotch and immediately asks for another. Needless to say, they didn’t have such a great dinner together.

JTV 8-3

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