Around the world in lesbian television


Thank the goddess for our international readers. We have some hot tips from several this week on what they’ve been watching in their respective homelands, and it appears that here in America I’m missing out. reader Alice let us know that Peta and Poppy on the BBC soap Out of the Blue recently got engaged. Now, they’re sharing duties in preparation for the wedding, which is only two weeks away. (Too many brides in the kitchen? This could be disastrous or, like the best part of lesbian relationships, practical magic.)

Poppy (Katherine Hicks) and Peta (Daisy Betts) are adorable together, and their being together is a non-issue for everyone on the show, except for Poppy’s grandma, Olive. It appears that only Poppy’s parents were able to make the ceremony, but the women continued to plan for their big day, amid the rest of the drama that comes along with soap operas. They were wed on a recent episode.

ARKA filled us in on the lesbian couple on Hunters of Men last week, but it appears that Spanish TV will be introducing another lesbian. On the show Lex, which focuses on a lawyer’s office, the secretary, Katia (Dulcinea Juarez), is a single lesbian looking for love. Hopefully, we’ll have more on this as it develops. Thanks for the tip, ARKA!

Reader Gotika in Portugal told us that the primetime soap Podia Acabar o Mundo (The World Could End) has a doctor, Cláudia, and a medical student, Sónia, who will reportedly be sharing a steamy kiss, according to the Portuguese press.

Based on a novel of the same name, the show will have the women work together and fall for one another, but then one will get fired because they lack chemistry Sónia has a hard time coming out to her parents, which threatens their relationship. Sounds like a totally brand-new storyline! What will they come up with next?

Anything but pregnancy and adoption, please. We’ve seen it all before.

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