Tune in tonight for “The Fosters” Christmas special


Tonight ABC Family is giving us the gift of a special Christmas episode of The Fosters. Some of you may have already seen the episode since ABC Family put it online last week but I will keep this post major spoiler free for those of you who have waited.

When we last left our little Gaydybunch, Callie had just learned that her half-sister, Sophia destroyed the termination of parental rights paperwork Robert Quinn signed so Callie could finally become an Adams Foster. In a rush of panic, and bad decision making, Callie kissed Brandon. Tonight’s episode picks up right where we left off but quickly zips back to last Christmas.

So, why should you tune in?

It will make your heart grow three sizes.

Few shows on television manage to do heartfelt as well as The Fosters. This show manages to be about an entire family without creating an overly idealized portrait of family life. Tonight’s episode is full of the usual mix of bumps, but it’s also heartwarming without making you want to hurl.


Annie Potts.

I love Stef and Lena on their own. I see a lot of myself and my family reflected in their characters and their relationship. But whenever this show invites their parents in you know it’s going to be even better. Annie Potts does not disappoint in this episode. She funny and sassy and she meddles and bickers with Stef. I would happily watch an hour of Sharon and Stef sparring. But Sharon does more than stir up trouble, she delivers some of the best parts of this episode, too.


Lena and Stef are Lena and Stef.

Stef screws up. Lena screws up. There are mistakes and a few tears. This is why I come back to this show. Families screw up all the time. Parents make mistake. Wives say the wrong things and we hurt each other’s feelings. The Fosters never shies away from family members being idiots. But it also shows how good families fix those mistakes. Tonight’s episode is no exception. Oh, and you’re going to learn something about Lena you didn’t know before.


Everyone is awesome.

Amid all the holiday chaos and absurdity of holiday decoration competitions and bickering there is something to like from every single character in this episode. I’ve already mentioned the moms and Sharon but the kid are great too. Jesus has a sweet storyline, Jude is his usual magical Judicorn, Callie gives good advice to a friend, Brandon is sweet, and Mariana is sassy and lovable.


If that’s not enough to get you to tune in at 8pm ET, the episode is directed by Norman Buckley, who has been responsible for some of the best episodes of our favorite shows. Finally, I hope you will join us for your last shot to tweet along with the #GaydyBunch in 2014.

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