“Damages” Season 2: The seductive beauty of corruption


Happy Happy Joy Joy! Damages returns in January and that means Season 2 promotions start during November sweeps, as in, now.

I know the promotional poster is kinda creepy, but I understand how Glenn Close can get in your head like that. She is truly stunning, especially in a power suit. Just. Wow.

Season 1 of Damages took a while to really hook me, but by the final episode, I was an addict. The show started with Ellen (Rose Byrne) finding herself at the scene of a brutal crime for which she is the main suspect.

The plot unspooled by traveling back and forth between past and present, showing us a range of characters with decidedly impure motives and values that shifted with circumstance. At times I got a little lost in the complexity, but I was riveted to my couch every Monday night.

Damages became one of the first two cable series to be nominated for a Best Drama Emmy (the winner, Mad Men, was the other) and Glenn Close won Outstanding Lead Actress for her portrayal of Patty Hewes.

At the Television Critic’s Association press tour in July, we learned that Marcia Gay Harden is joining the cast, giving us yet another high-powered woman attorney to lust after admire. The producers like us; they really like us.

As further proof of FX’s goodwill, the network has released a 10-minute “catch-up” video for Season 1, and three promotional spots for Season 2.

I don’t know about you, but I’m giggling with glee. Are you as excited as I am about the next season of Damages? Any predictions for how Ellen will get back at Patty for trying to kill her? Can you believe how hot Glenn Close is at 61?

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