“Gracepoint” recap (1.9): Enchiladas Don’t Pay the Bills


Previously on Gracepoint, everything was terrible and awful and cold and the entire town owed fealty to their whale overlords. Also, Carver passed out in a field while “A” scampered off into the forest like a woodland sprite.


Carver wakes up in a hospital bed, with a concerned Miller standing over him. She, like everyone else on this show, wants Carver to quit the case and focus on not dying. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Carver is going to die as soon as they arrest the murderer. OR MAYBE HE WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME. Carver stumbles out of his hospital bed and drags ass to the precinct, where he is promptly suspended for being a walking corpse.

Over at the church, Beth is confiding in Paul the Priest. She’s excited for the new baby, but she is still heavy into the grieving process. Paul comforts her with a hug that soon turns vaguely gropey. Ugh Paul, now is NOT the time. Mark sees Beth leaving the church and immediately assumes she’s banging Paul, which is rich, considering he was banging the British innkeeper. Stop projecting your issues onto your poor wife, Mark! Beth wants them to go to marriage counseling, which is probably the best idea ever, but Mark refuses because his therapy is a punching bag in the garage.

Back at the precinct, Miller interrogates Creepy Susan, who still demands to see her dog. Miller plays bad cop (threatening the dog!) and Susan reveals that she found Danny’s body while she was walking the dog. She then stared at it while she smoked three cigarettes and left, which is a normal thing that people do when they encounter dead children. Don’t you guys remember that popular Virginia Slims ad where the model smokes in a crime scene? You’ve come a long way baby indeed.


Over at the Gracepoint journal, Owen is fixing the copier and Kathy is being flawless. Sidebar, it must be so hard for Kathy to date, considering she’s the only lez in the village. I bet her Match.com game is on fucking point, though. Anyways, Renee comes crawling in and tells them that her boss is making her leave town. She spills the beans about Carver’s health and walks away.

Back at the precinct, we FINALLY get Creepy Susan’s backstory, and it is appropriately creepy. She was married with two daughters, and her husband raped and killed the eldest. Susan claimed to have no idea, but foster care took her younger daughter and the baby Susan was carrying. And guess who that baby grew up to be?


Vince, the plumbing assistant! This explains his bizarre relationship with Susan, although it doesn’t fully explain why he stole her dog. The cops arrest Vince, save the dog, and bring everyone into the station. Susan tells Miller that she saw Vince on the beach with the boat and Danny’s body. So, Susan is ratting out her own estranged son. In a misguided attempt to protect him, Susan took Danny’s skateboard and tried to use it as leverage to force Vince to have a relationship with her. Vince tells the cops Susan is a compulsive liar and he wants nothing to do with her.

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