Get ready for the “Lost Girl” final season with this preview and primer


And so we’ve come to the beginning of the end. Lost Girl returns Sunday night to Showcase for the beginning of the end of the much-loved cult series. The fifth and final season of the series was announced in August, much to the continued consternation (and tears, straight-up tears) of fans.


While it’s bittersweet, we are no less excited about the new season. Showcase has given the series a 16-episode send-off that will be split into two parts. The first half will run Dec. 7 to Jan. 25. The second half will begin later in 2015, thought premiere dates have not been released yet.

Little has been released about the new season, save for some cast and promo photos recently. But it seems clear much of it will focus on getting Kenzi back, finding that other Hell Shoe and finally dealing with Bo’s daddy issues.

In an interview with AfterEllen this summer (before it was announced the fifth season would be its last), series star Anna Silk talked about this season’s themes. She said:

Family is another theme for Season 5 for sure. That comes in many forms in our show. There is Bo’s Fae family that she has made. Her friends have become her family. Then there’s Bo’s actual bloodlines within the Fae world. So we definitely see more of that in Season 5. We have a lot of new, interesting players on the block. I would say that’s a big theme.

Bo’s love life is always an underlying element of the show as well. It’s hard to not have that as a big theme when you’re a succubus. That certainly gets played out in different ways. I’m curious to see what viewers think when they see it. But I think that people will be really, really happy.

In a recent interview with the Toronto Sun, Silk was similarly vague about what happens this season. But also seemed pleased with how everything was wrapped up. She told the paper:

The way we end, when I read the finale, I could not have been happier. It was so hard to read. But it was like finishing the greatest book I’ve ever read. We’re not telling Little House on the Prairie stories. There are big consequences in the Fae world. I want people to see those, and feel them, and have opinions about them. I want to see what people think of the end, because I loved it.

Happiness, consequences, Little House on the Prairie? I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so scared.


The official synopsis for the first three episodes provide slightly – ever so slightly – more information.

Episode 501: “Like Hell Part 1”: Bo goes to hell and back to rescue a friend while Tamsin faces a foe from her past.

Episode 5.02: “Like Hell Part 2”: Bo needs from her family. Lauren encounters a spirit.

Episode 5.03: “Oroka Mojo”: A Japanese warrior gets protection while Lauren deals with threats of her own.


At this point, some of you may need a refresher on where we left things when last we saw everyone’s favorite bisexual succubus. Here is Season 4 in a nutshell:

Bo spent an entire season trying to figure out whether a dude she met on a train was worth dumping her friends over. She decided he was, then she decided he wasn’t–but, whoops, they got married already. Then he died, so problem solved.

Tamsin is not-so secretly in love with Bo. Lauren has a not-so secret magic vagina. Kenzi is not-so secretly Bo’s heart. Kissing, kissing, kissing. Hale died. Kenzi sacrificed herself. More kissing. Lauren gave Bo a necklace of her magical vagina (essentially). And now Bo is done crying and ready to kick the world’s ass.

So, everyone all caught up? Good. Now to get us feeling nostalgic, Showcase has also posted a “Lost Girl Faewell” series of videos. Each has the cast talking about their favorite something from the show’s run.

Faewell Part I:

Faewell Part II:

Faewell Part III:

This morning, Showcase also gave us one last tease before the premiere Sunday. She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain? Is Bo moving to Arizona? Is Hell the Grand Canyon? Inquiring minds want to know.

 Expect recaps of the finals (sniffle, still not over it) season of Lost Girl to post here at AfterEllen on Tuesdays.