Rosie O’Donnell reminds us she is still Rosie


Quick, think of a lesbian. No, not the one who dances all the time. No, not the one who is really smart about politics. No, not the one who plays the guitar. No, not the one who plays tennis. Or the other one who plays tennis. No, the one who used to have her own successful talk show and used to fight with her co-host on another talk show and likes to write on her blog in incomplete sentences.

Yes, that one. Like we could forget. Though apparently Rosie O’Donnell herself is a little nervous that folks may have forgotten her since the days hosting her Emmy-winning chatfest and sparring with The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. A promo for her new NBC variety special Rosie Live reintroduces the out funny lady.

The one-hour variety show will be in the tradition of Carol Burnett’s and Ed Sullivan‘s shows, with a mix of comedy sketches and musical performances. This week it was announced that performers will include Alanis Morissette and Ne-Yo. Other as-yet unnamed celebrities are expected to stop in as well.

If you’re wondering what else to expect, well, Rosie ain’t talking. But she did give us one of her usual somewhat-cryptic, somewhat-haiku blog postings yesterday.

2 weeks from 2 night

8 pm

live from NYC

a variety show 4 u

love me

All righty, then. Rosie Live airs at 9 p.m. (ET) Nov. 26, live from New York’s Little Shubert Theatre. So, are you going to watch? And, seriously, how could anyone forget Rosie?

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