“Degrassi” recap (14.6): (You Drive Me) Crazy


Unfortunately, Jack takes this opportunity to tell Imogen that she wants to break up with her. Yeah, I was just as shocked as Imogen.

Jack says, “ It’s not that I don’t like being with you. I just didn’t expect for this to become a monogamous thing and I’m worried that you think that I’m into exclusive relationships. I just don’t know if I buy into this hetero-normative idea of romantic love.”

Because Imogen looks stunned, she goes on, “ I didn’t bring it up because I didn’t know how you felt about it.”

“About what?” asks Imogen.

Break up

“Polyamory. Non-monogomy.”

Imogen quickly recovers and pretends that she’s totally cool with it. “No, no, no. I totally get it. I actually feel the same way about all that stuff.”

Jack is relieved. Great! That’s settled, then. Or is it?

After school she goes to The Dot to ask Eli out on a date, explaining that he is the only person, other than Jack that she would want to go on a date with, even though she doesn’t want to “bed” him. After he laughs a little, he gets serious and asks her what’s going on. She admits that she only told Jack that she was cool with polyamory because she didn’t want to lose her. Eli advises her to be honest about her feelings and after Jack posts a selfie of her and another girl on HastyGram, Imogen runs off to do just that.

On a date with another girl

Imogen bursts into the studio where Jack is teaching and give an impassioned speech:

 “I don’t want to take the night off. I don’t want to do stuff with other people and I don’t want you to do stuff with other people. I don’t want you to want to do stuff with other people.”

Jack tries to interrupt her but Imogen goes on:

“I love you, Jack Jones. And even though I barely understood any of that heteronogomy stuff, I think you only said it because you’re scared. I get it. Commitment is scary, but I want to take that leap. And if we break each other’s hearts in the end than so be it, but I’m a one woman woman. That’s just who I am.”

Now that she’s finally got that off her chest, she looks over to discover a class full of little kids that Jack has obviously been teaching. Oh and that other girl from the picture? Jack’s co-teacher. She wasn’t on a date with someone else, she was just working.

One Woman Woman

Imogen runs back to Eli to give him an update on her relationship disaster and to dull her pain by binge-watching television. But before they can decide what they want to watch, Jack calls.

Jack admits that Imogen was right. She is scared. And although, she does believe some of the things she said to Imogen earlier, it’s not worth losing Imogen over. She wants to take the leap, too. She finally says, “I love you, Imogen Moreno.”

Jack calls

Aww…..so sweet! Imogen makes an excuse and ditches Eli to run into Jack’s open arms. Although it’s great to see Imogen in love again, I do wish the writers had dragged out the happy ending a bit. Imagine the sweet tension they could have created if they let Imogen and Jack suffer through a few episodes trying to work things out.

What if Imogen and/or Jack really did go on a date or two with other people before Imogen got the nerve to tell Jack how she really feels about polyamory? What if Jack realized quickly that she was just scared, but then felt like she couldn’t take what she said back because she thought Imogen really did enjoy non-monogamy? Imagine all the great Jackogen/Imojack scenes we could have had! Now, I’m afraid Imogen and Jack are just going to fade into the background to play the role of the supportive BFF again. What do you think about Jack bringing up polyamory? What do you think will happen with these two lovebirds next?

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