“Degrassi” recap (14.6): (You Drive Me) Crazy


After weeks of being the loyal friend to Becky, who tried yet failed to get over Drew, and Eli, who tried but failed and is now trying again, to get over Eli, Imogen finally has a storyline all her own. It’s not that we don’t enjoy seeing Imogen in a supporting role. She is truly a fabulous friend. In “If You Could Only See” Imogen lets Becky crash her roller derby date with Jack.

roller derby

She and Jack even help Becky find a suitable guy to take to roller derby, all the while encouraging her not to give up on her faith or her family.

finding a date

 In the end, Becky is annoyed by her date’s eternal optimism and ditches him, leaving Imogen and Jack to make an excuse for her. She runs into the Drew and can’t deny that she still has feelings for him despite the fact that he got Clare pregnant. They decide to give their relationship another try.

In “There’s Your Trouble,” Imogen tells a little white lie to encourage Becky to audition for a rock band. It turns out that telling your BFF that she sounds great while performing a weird, musical theater version of “Cherry Bomb” isn’t a good idea. But, it all worked out well in the end, so mission accomplished.

Although Imogen has been busy brushing off her shoulders for other people to lean on, and Jack has been spending a lot of time with the power cheer team, their relationship has obviously been going well.

So, it’s only a matter of time before there’s some Degrassi style drama to liven things up. That drama came this week in “(You Drive Me) Crazy.” Imogen and Jack are having yet another adorable conversation about how MFEO they are, when, caught up in the romantic moment, Imogen says, “I love you” to Jack.

Jack’s response? “Wow. Thanks.” Exactly what every girl wants to hear when they bare their heart and soul to their girlfriend.


Later, Imogen tries to take it back. Kinda sorta. She explains that she did mean what she said, but that she didn’t expect that Jack would feel the same way. Unless, of course, she does. If that’s the case, Jack should feel free to express that any time now. Anytime….Any. Time…..

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