Sin and Sara Lance are returning to “Arrow”


When the past few Arrow episodes included only fleeting mentions of our fallen Canary, I worried that Team Arrow had lost sight of their mission, that Operation Justice for Sara was going to consist of vaguely wondering if the baddie of the week was responsible until they either found whoever is responsible or forgot about her entirely. Luckily, it seems Sara’s storyline isn’t over yet, even though she’s six feet under.

 Word on the street is, Bex-Taylor Klaus is coming back to Arrow as Sin, Sara Lance’s favorite misfit. (OK it’s more than just word on the street, there are sources, but that sounded cooler.) She’s set to appear in at least the penultimate episode of the season, entitled “Uprising.” Bex-Taylor Klaus is known for playing the lesbian character Bullet in The Killing, genderqueer Lex on House of Lies, and is slotted to play a bi-curious teenager in the upcoming Scream television series.


While I do hope the return of Sin brings answers or at least clues to the Mystery of Sara, I more so hope she brings flashbacks. And, according to Caity Lotz‘s Instagram, that seems like a dream that just might come true.


However, I do have some qualms about this. Not because of the flashbacks we’re likely to get, but because of the distinct lack of flashbacks we got when Nyssa tore into Starling City, hell-bent on answers and revenge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing Caity’s face again, and hopefully even in full Black Canary-mode, kicking ass and taking names, but if random characters from Sara’s past start popping up and providing flashbacks and insights into her past with them, but we were denied the same insights into her relationship with Nyssa, I might have to call foul.


I’m going to keep my hopes up for this though, because even though we didn’t get Sara flashbacks in Nyssa’s episode, they didn’t shy away from the nature of Nyssa’s feelings for Sara, and for what kind of relationship they had. There was no way that the general public who aren’t tuned into queer culture could miss it or deny it. Unlike the time Mulan almost told Aurora she loved her in Once Upon A Time but was so subtle, half of my straight friends missed that it was an admission of her non-straightness and assumed she had been there to confess her feelings for Philip.

I also don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Nyssa. The way her episode ended with her father being all shady and evil and dismissing the idea that Sara was ever one of them seemed foreboding to me. Plus, she’s listed on IMDb as being in the episode airing on December 10th, “The Climb,” so let’s hope that’s not going to be just a recalling of her most recent visit, and refers instead to a brand new appearance.

And based on Bex-Taylor’s recent roles, who knows? Maybe Sin has a new girlfriend. (I wondered for a moment if she had more-than-mentor feelings for Sara, but I think she’s a little young? It’s unclear. Everyone on TV looks older than they’re supposed to be. I think in the comics, Sin was a literal child.)


So, for now, let’s enjoy the return of Sin, be glad we haven’t seen the last of Sara Lance on our screens, and hope Sara’s bisexuality goes on being recognized and respected.

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