Queen Latifah is the chosen one


The People’s Choice Awards are expecting a record number of voters this year because everyone is still hopped up on the power of change from the U.S. presidential election. CBS is going to one-up that election though, because, once again, they’re giving us a queen — Queen Latifah to be exact. She’ll be returning to host the 35th annual awards on CBS this January. Plus, she’s nominated as Favorite Leading Lady.

The People’s Choice Awards are so much better than the Oscars or the Emmys, because who is the Academy or the Foreign Press or whoever it is that movie and TV stars are always thanking? The People’s Choice Awards are voted on by the me and you, and the categories are much more fun than a one of those tepid awards shows.

Check out some of this year’s nominees:

Favorite Leading Lady: Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Queen Latifah

Favorite TV Diva: Mary Louise-Parker, Kyra Sedgwick and Holly Hunter

Favorite Funny Female: Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres and Whoopi Goldberg

Favorite Female Movie Star: Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley and Reese Witherspoon

Favorite Female TV Star: Christina Applegate, Mariska Hargitay and Sally Field

I know it sounds like the people who created these categories work for the Department of Redundancy Department, but look at all the women who have a chance to be honored! We’ll overlook the repetitiveness for their sake.

This year, the People’s Choice Awards have added a bit of bracketology, pitting 35 Stars Under 35 against one another. Your votes move them along until only one star is left standing. My guess is that it’s going to be Harry Potter mega-star Daniel Radcliffe. There’s almost no competing against the Potter fandom.

I’m interested to know how the Lesbian Choice Awards would compare to the regular old People’s Choice Awards. Who would you pick for the categories listed above? Of course, if you want, you can just go on over to the People’s Choice site and vote for yourself.

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