“The Comeback” recap (2.4): Valerie Saves The Show


Now they are shooting at Val’s house. Val and Mark sit behind the monitors, as Val explains all of the movie magic. Paulie G whispers something to the AD, leading her to scream the there are too many people behind the monitors. Val and Mark scurry out the front door and down a ramp. Mark complains about the ramp loudly, as the producer in the wheelchair appears and descends. He thanks Mark for allowing production into their home, saying that he “saved the show.” Mark asks Valerie how he came to be in a wheelchair, to which Val delicately responds, “The scuttlebutt is that he was a stuntman and got hit by a big movie truck so they made him a producer.” Of course, Val asks Jane not to put that out there.  


Mark is anxious to meet Seth Rogen, which is a little out of character for Val’s cool, logical husband. There is some confusion about whether or not Val and Mark can approach the set, causing Val to drag Mark back and forth for an excruciating thirty seconds. Val eventually introduces Mark to Seth, who is as charming as ever. It feels nice to have Seth around to cut through Paulie’s surliness. Val is rudely called to hair and make up, but Mark stays to hang with Seth while they finish setting up the shot (When we next see Mark he is smoking a joint from Seth). On her way, she passes her nephew Tyler who is working as a set PA. She asks him to get Mickey food and water and whatever else he might need. She seems really worried, and Jane picks up on this. She asks Val, “Why are you concerned about Mickey?” Val avoids the prompt and tells Jane to drop that line of questioning. Jane is very interested in the human aspect. She sees Valerie afraid and hurting, and wants her to be able to express that. I want that for Val, too!


Val and Mark again post up behind the monitors by Paulie, and are asked to leave. Paulie doesn’t have any lines in this episode, he only grunts at his AD and stares at the monitor while smoking his e-cig. I feel like his borderline “nice” demeanor from before they began shooting “Seeing Red” has fully melted away, leaving behind the core hatred for Valerie that led him to create this show. Hopefully he can keep it together without lashing out at Val.

Jane’s cameras follow Valerie and Mark up the stairs of a small apartment complex in “Fucking Hollywood” that the two own. Valerie begs Mark to let them stay at the Peninsula, a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills. Mark doesn’t understand why the crew is documenting this, but Jane insists she needs this footage. The couple enters the apartment, but Jane directs her crew to “fish around” from outside to see what they can get. Val’s microphone is still on, so Jane is getting audio. A camera peeks through the blinds into the room. Mark threatens to move out of their house. He is angry, saying that the original deal that they made has been broken, since they are now booted from their home entirely. Val begs Mark to be sweet to her, since she has had a hard day. She catches the cameras, and Mark sees her register that they are still being filmed. Mark tells Jane to stop, and he really means it. Jane tells her crew to call it a night, when a gunshot is heard right next to them. Jane drops to the floor.

Jane and the Super

The super has no idea who Val and Mark are, even though they own the property. They try to convince her to open the door and see what happened in the apartment that produced that gunshot. The super is hilariously unresponsive, eventually yawning what may be my favorite yawn in the history of entertainment. After much coercion she concedes to opening the door, revealing a nice white wall covered in a guys brains! The tenant has shot himself in the head. Everyone is shocked and upset. Mark is angry that the cameras have documented this horrific event.

NG No Good

The police arrive and, in addition to telling Valerie that the footage she captured cannot be used, they reveal that the tenant was a recovering drug addict. The police found drugs all over the apartment. They tell Valerie they have seen this kind of thing before. He had been through rehab and was doing well. The officers tell them “They’ll turn their life around and then all of a sudden they wreck it all and they take down anybody who’s around them.” Val’s fears about Paulie are confirmed as actually rational. Paulie is doing great! Does this mean he will take his nose dive soon? Do I smell a relapse coming on? Uh oh!

We are half way through the season and EVERYONE is a loose cannon! Next week should be real fun!

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