Showtime releases new promo for “The L Word”


Showtime just released the first promo for the sixth (and final) season of The L Word, and the general feeling I get from it is murder!

See? You’ve got the narration talking about the good looks and sexy looks and killer looks. “But this season, the killer looks are not about beauty.” And all the while, you’ve got the crooning in the background, “If words could kill, you’d be dead!”

Go ahead and break it down in the comments: Good hair/bad hair, good chemistry/bad chemistry. Sad to see the last season or glad to let it go? And, most importantly, is someone really going to get killed?


I’m guessing probably not. If words could kill, Jenny Schecter would have been dead years ago.

On a related note, Rose Troche was recently on a panel in Italy where she gave away some spoilers about the new season. So if you’re not into reading about possible storylines, look away now!

She said that the season was going to focus heavily on Max and his transition, noting “I had more ex-girlfriends getting together with men and more younger friends becoming men in the last five years that in my 30 years of business being a lesbian.” She continued to say, “We also did a storyline about adoption and how difficult it is for a couple to adopt.”

Any ideas or thoughts on the storylines Troche says they will be tackling in Season 6? Odd how Max wasn’t featured in the promo, especially if he’s going to be a large focus.

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