“Top Chef: Boston” recap (12.6): Mmmm, O.G. Thanksgiving


Previously on Top Chef: Boston, I don’t even have to tell you what happened, do I? (Okay, fine, I will – Aaron was sent home! #ByeFelicia)

This week, there seems to be a collective released breath amongst the remaining chefs now that the douchebro is gone. It’s great, because usually on these shows they never really talk shit about anyone after they leave. It’s usually all rose-colored glasses, like, “Well, we had our differences, but he was a good competitor, in the end.” Not in this Top Chef house. Nope, they’re all like, “Aaron was messy.” “He was a total dick.” “I heard he sacrifices babies to Satan.” I love it.

It’s a new day, and Melissa is reading over some love notes from her girlfriend. A few thoughts on this:


2. this is 100% something my wife would do if I was on Top Chefnot sure if that makes a lesbian-thing (probably) or just a considerate-person-thing, but either way it is wonderful.

3. Bravo is the best, because they don’t make this scene weird or out of place at all. Last week Kerianna missed her kids, this week Melissa misses her girlfriend and it’s all good.

4. Melissa and her GF are hella cute.

photo12 ::heart eyes::

Chef Tiffani shows up! All the chefs are kind of giving her side eye, like, “Oh it’s so great to see you BUT ALSO WHY ARE YOU HERE AND WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO.” She’s taking them on an adventure in their Beautiful Chryslers™! An adventure to a beautiful cranberry bog! The chefs receive a little background info about Ocean Spray™ cranberries and how they’re grown.

Quickfire Challenge, pt. 1: The chefs must don some super sexy waders and go harvest cranberries; the first four chefs to fill their crates will receive an unknown advantage in the Elimination Challenge. Mei is not really into this challenge because she is 5’2” and can’t swim. BB, I’ll protect youI’m 5’9” and I take to the water like a fish.

Right out of the gate, Katsuji and Adam take the lead, but Katsuji cannot sustain the pace. Whomp. Katie is apparently a super-soldier level athlete, and she’s pumped about the physical challenge. Tiffani’s pun game is strong, mentioning that the chefs look a “little bogged down.” Katie, Adam, Gregory and Doug win!

photo22Katsuji does not win.

Quickfire Challenge, pt. 2: Padma greets the chefs back in the kitchen with an even sassier “good morning” than usual. I’m fine. Anyway, she tells the chefs that they have 30 minutes to create a dish that highlights cranberries, but it doesn’t have to feel Thanksgiving-y. The four winning chefs get to use some organic shit from Whole Foods, but everyone else has, like, canned veggies and chicken livers only.

Katie’s making cranberry borscht, which sounds sort of gross, but then again she made baked-bean-pine-nuts last week that were (allegedly) really good. Don’t sleep on Katie’s weird food inventions, is what I’m saying. Katsuji is trying to make steak tartare with skirt steak. WTF that sounds like a terrible idea, man.

Time’s up and the plates look exceptionally pretty this week. Maybe it’s the red from the cranberries? IDK, but whatever it is, they all look fabulous. Adam has the sads because a something of his (sauce, maybe?) burned, and Tiffani tells him not to be such a Debbie Downer about it. Katie’s weird borscht is actually good! I knew it. Mei fucking crushed her sweet and sour pork, and she knows it.

On the bottom, Katsuji’s cut-too-big skirt steak tartare, Adam’s cranberry-lite steak, and Stacy’s cauliflower curry soup. Stacy’s pretty pissed because cranberries are a hometown ingredient and she wanted to do it right.

On the top, Doug’s classic pork tenderloin, Katie’s weird borscht, and Mei’s sweet and sour pork. Katie wins! I don’t even know anymoreI didn’t think Katie would be around much longer, but it looks like she’s found her sweet spot (making weird, inventive takes on classic dishes). She’ll be around at least another week, because she just won immunity.

photo32This soup is not a BORE-scht (except that it technically is)

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