Lesbian Scientistics: The Kissing Edition


One thing therapy teaches you is that sometimes it’s nice to have someone repeat your emotions back to you, especially after a particularly tempestuous week. So, here you go:

We don’t have a lot of words left over at the end of this week, but we want to end it on a high note, so we decided to do a little research on kissing.

We used a formula Gossip Girl taught us: (Number of times mentioned on the Internet) + (Number of other characters talking about your storyline) / (Years you’ve been in high school) = (Popularity). We had to tweak it a little, substituting fan videos and number of seasons for some of the variables, but we’ve come up with the most popular lesbian kissers according to the internet.

It was impossible to determine exactly which exact kiss per couple was most popular, but here’s what our research shows:

Of course, we all know that most popular doesn’t necessarily mean best, so we’re opening up the real Scientistics to you. Shelve the emotional week for just a little while, and tell us your all-time favorite lesbian kiss on television.

My personal favorite is Helen and Nikki from Bad Girls, the one right before Helen ruins it by saying, “S–t happens.”

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