A lesbian couple appears on the Spanish series “Hunters of Men”


AfterEllen.com reader Arka tipped us off to a Spanish television series Cazadores de Hombres (which translates to Hunters of Men). The hilarity of the name aside, you just knew it would not present an ideal picture of a normal lesbian relationship.

Fortunately, the name of the show does not refer to the lesbian relationship, but to the cops who track down criminals, Law & Order style. On the third episode of the show (called “Operation Valentine”), lovers Elena (Lucía Jiménez) and Marta (Marta Nebreda) kill four truck drivers with their bare hands. Only Marta was captured by police, and Elena is still on the run.

While the couple does not appear on the fourth episode (the last to air so far), it’s unclear what’s in store for their future on Cazadores de Hombres. Anyone a regular viewer of the new series? Do you think they will follow Marta in prison, Bad Girls style?

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