“Lincoln Heights” might have two lesbians in town


Ah, the old “I have this friend” trick. It works so well, until you actually do have this friend who needs you to intervene on her behalf — a lesson Cassie learned on Lincoln Heights this week.

Cassie and her gay BFF, Stacy, have heard word that Kelly is a lesbian. Cassie thinks Stacy should just ask Kelly to prom, but Stacy doesn’t even know if Kelly is actually gay! What to do? Send in your wingwoman, of course.

Just watch:

D’oh! That’s not how that was supposed to go.

That guy looking stunned is Cassie’s boyfriend. And that girl walking away happily after kissing another girl in the hall of her high school? That’s not like any girl I knew when I was a teenager.

The accidental kiss leads to a little rift between Cassie and Stacy, but it all works out in the end. Cassie didn’t mean to kiss the only other lesbian at her school. Sometimes these things just happen.

Next week’s episode of Lincoln Heights is called “Prom Night,” and my DVR describes it like this: “An unlikely couple attends the prom that Jenn and Eddie have agreed to chaperone.”

Will that unlikely couple be two girls? I think so!

How great is it that there are now two teen-based shows that portray lesbians in a positive light? The only lesbian on TV when I was in high school was Ellen, and my Baptist friends practically boycotted pencils when they found out that’s what she used to write her show.

You can watch full episodes of Lincoln Heights on ABC Family’s website. I’m going to go on over and leave a comment to warn the characters about a little something I learned from South of Nowhere: When attending prom at a television high school, wear a bullet-proof vest.

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