TV Alert: “The Rawside of … The Cliks”


A band well-known for being queer as well as for their music, The Cliks (like many other musicians, actors and other out public figures in their respective crafts) have tried to distinguish themselves as musicians that happen to be gay — not musicians that make gay music.

Tonight on IFC Canada, the band is featured as part of a new documentary series, “The Rawside of …” The eight-part series, which focuses on a different band each week, kicked off last Tuesday with pop-rock band Born Ruffians. Tonight, the cameras follow The Cliks around, and the description of the episode is as follows:

Follow a band on the rise as an outsider looking in as the Cliks, led by singer and guitarist Lucas Silveira, a transgendered male and principal songwriter, struggles to make the transition into writing their music as a collective group. The band continues to keep up their demanding touring schedule, hoping to open people’s eyes to their music and the fact that they’re not just a “lesbian band.”

Filmed exactly a year ago (including live performance footage on Halloween night 2007), the series promises “uncensored conversations and unlimited access.”

As of now, the series is only being shown on IFC Canada, so Canadians can catch The Raw Side of … The Cliks tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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