Grey’s Anatomy Recap: 5.6 “Life During Wartime”


Playing with dolls — It’s morning

and in bedrooms everywhere, people are rising to meet the day. Meredith and

Derek are either up really early, or very late, because they’re dressed and

packing more of Meredith’s mom’s thing.

Meredith finds her childhood doll, Anatomy Jane, complete with removable

organs. She tells Derek that as a little girl, she made up names for the parts

she couldn’t remember. The twash is connected to the chubble, which is

connected to the slivvey. And of course, there’s everyone’s favorite, the jelly


This probably disgusted Meredith’s accomplished, impossible-to-please mother

because as the fruit of her loins, Meredith was expected be able to locate and

explain the transverse colon by age seven.

Upstairs, Izzie wakes up to find Alex sitting on her bed, watching her like

a creep. Only on a TV show does one emerge from a dead sleep, roll over, find

someone staring at them, and all they have to say is, “What are you doing

here?” In reality, there would be lots of shrieking and falling backwards

out of bed in a kicking, screaming panic.

Having slept together for the past week, Alex isn’t sure if he and Izzie are

exclusive now. Will she be sleeping with anyone else? Should he cancel his

bootie call with the chick from pediatrics? Instead of answering him and

letting that be the end of it, she huffs, calls him an ass, and pads into the

bathroom to pee.

Leaving lines out does not a story arc make. Meanwhile, Izzie sleeps in a summer

cocktail dress because you never know when you’ll be sleepwalking into a garden


Elsewhere, Callie and Erica in bed together, laughing giddily, and it’s not

because it’s Pizza Day in the cafeteria. They just had some morning sex and

apparently, there’s only one way to describe it.

Erica: That was amazing!

Callie: Yay! It was for me, too!

Erica: I mean, that was amazing!

Callie: Me, too!

Morning sex is amazing.

Not as amazing? The nightgowns that Callie and Erica

are wearing. They come complete with their own nightmares. Go wipe your mouth, take

off that von Trapp window curtain, and put on some decent lingerie.

Why do the gayellas get the fugly wardrobes when Izzie gets to look like

Audrey Hepburn? Someone forgot to ask GLAAD what lesbians wear to bed. Or

worse — they did.

Erica doesn’t notice Callie horrendous sleepwear because A) Callie wasn’t

wearing it most of the night; and B) she’s having a Helen Keller-worthy


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