“America’s Next Top Model” 11.10 “Planes, Trains, and Slow Automobiles”


Queer contestant Elina narrowly missed elimination (again) on America’s Next Top Model in episode 11.10 “Planes, Trains, and Slow Automobiles,” as Sheena got the boot and Top Model was winnowed down to five.

In between photo shoots in former brothels and on pirate ships, the models had flew to Amsterdam, had arguments over the legalization of prostitution, and shared a “lesbian bath moment” (it’s not as exciting as it sounds).

I know Sheena can play up the porn look too easily, but really, I’m not seeing “hooch” in those boat photos. And Jay’s comment about her not being “ladylike” was just annoying.

Sheena will definitely be missed, at least by me. You can see her portfolio of photos here — this one’s my favorite:

Next week: it’s time for the go-sees! Ten bucks says Marjorie has a nervous breakdown.