Hilary Swank does Ellen on her show


Hilary Swank: three-time Golden Globe nominee, two-time Academy Award winner, one-time Ellen DeGeneres impersonator.

Yes, you read that last bit right. Lesbian twinsies syndrome can strike in the most unexpected places.

The acclaimed Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby star dropped by Ellen‘s show Monday and darn it if I wasn’t seeing double.

OK, I can’t be the only one who giggled like an idiot through that whole thing. From the tie to the sneakers it was just uncanny. And I really feel like Hilary dedicated herself to the role. I mean, the woman has two Oscars at home — she’s no amateur. And, who knows, maybe there was a little method acting going on. Has anyone talked to Portia recently? Perhaps there was some coaching beforehand.

Though, in a dance-off, I’d still have to give it to Ellen. Hilary was a tad stiff — hilarious, but stiff.

So, did Hilary out-Ellen Ellen? Or is there still only one great panted one who rules daytime TV? Discuss.

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