CBS dumps Elizabeth Reaser


To the surprise of no one who watched the show, The Ex List has been canceled, effective after this Friday’s episode. NCIS reruns will air in its slot.

The show has the distinction of being the first hour-long scripted series to be canceled. It won’t be the last.

I did my best to love The Ex List. I watched it every week, although I have to admit I paid little attention to anything beyond the cuteness of Elizabeth Reaser.

So great is my crush on the actor-formerly-known-as-Allegra that I even refused to acknowledge that The Ex List sucked. But, alas, it did.

The premise had promise: Reaser played Bella, a single woman told by a psychic that her true love is an ex-boyfriend and that she has a year to reconnect with him or be destined to spend her life alone.

The problem with The Ex List was that so little time was devoted to character development that we didn’t really care if Bella ended up alone or not. She spent every episode drooling after the ex o’ the week and figuring out how to get him in the sack ASAP. That alone is sort of depressing, but add the fact that Reaser had more chemistry with her dog than with any of the actors she was paired with and you have, well, a flop.

Fortunately, we won’t have to live long without seeing Elizabeth Reaser, since she plays Esme in the upcoming film, Twilight. But I do hope she gets a series more worthy of her talent soon. I’m thinking Puccini for Experts. Can you top that?

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