Will the “Gossip Girls” go gay?


Since the debut of Gossip Girl on the CW, there’s been a lot of buzz on the Blair and Serena friendship. The loving glances, the make-up hugs, the “S” and “B” nicknames they have for one another — the girls are close, even when they are angry with the other. Their hostility fuels their love-hate relationship, but it seems possible that in the future, the “love” will win out.

The show’s writers must have known about the “gay” Gossip buzz, because they decided to apply it — to Serena’s brother, Eric. Woo-hoo, congrats on coming out. Now back to your sister …

We hold out hope, so when the headline “Spoiler Chat: Are Blair and Serena Going Gay?” appeared on E! online, we almost knew it was going to be bad news before we read on.

I might be reading into this a little bit, but is there anything at all going on between Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl, chemistry-wise? They seem much too touchy and flirty than best friends normally are.

You aren’t the only one! We’ve received many emails regarding this rumor/theory, and a reliable source who works on the show says, “That’s insane. No, we’re not planning anything like that.” Is it really so insane, though? I’m pretty sure the Gossip Girl book series ended with Serena and Blair kissing each other on the lips and murmuring, “You know you love me.” (Saucy!) Regardless, I’m told Serena’s brother Eric is the only one with any same-sex happenings in the works for a good long while.

Surprising? No. I mean, this “source” obviously doesn’t want to give their name in case they end up being wrong in the very near future. Never say never, especially with the aforementioned note that a Serena-Blair kiss actually did happen in the book.

So the scoop is there is no scoop. As of now, Serena is going after a (male) artist, but when her heart breaks (as it eventually will), who will be there? Blair, reeling from another ridiculous game with Chuck Bass. Love the one you’re with, ladies, especially when the one you’re with is well-dressed with fabulous hair and milky skin.

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