“South of Nowhere” Recap: Episode 3.11 “A Very Inconvenient Truth”


Deliverance — Up in the mountains, another reunion is taking

place, sans tears. Glen’s explosion got Arthur’s attention, and it’s time for

him to take off his “butch” fishing  ball

cap and replace it with his social worker chapeau.

Arthur admits that Glen’s words stuck with him and asks

where these ideas are coming from.  As it

turns out, it all goes back to the backseat of Paula and Arthur’s car.  Glen tells Arthur that he’s always felt like

a burden because he was born out of wedlock, keeping his Arthur out of medical

school. Worse, he thinks Clay was Arthur’s “go-to guy.” Glen admits, “When he

died, I started thinking at least I’ll never be compared to Clay again. I’ll be

number one by default. But now you have Aiden…”

Arthur has a few bombs to drop of his own.  He reminds Glen—you know, just in case he’s

forgotten—that ever since the family moved to Los Angeles, he’s dropped out of

sports, been addicted to painkillers and lost two jobs.  In other words, Glen, you’re a loser.

However, Arthur also reminds him that he wasn’t always a huge disappointment.

Back in Ohio he was a star athlete, a good student, and even did volunteer

work!  Arthur asks him, “What happened to

that Glen?”  Glen admits he’s been in a

slump, and Arthur tells him that it’s time for him to snap out of his slump,

“not for clay, not for me, but because he’s one of the most incredible people I

know. And when he does, tell him his old man will be on the sidelines cheering

for him…”

Until then, I suppose, the “old man” will be at home in the

kitchen, bitching about Glen while he gives Aiden a backrub.

Stupid girl — Things have finally settled down at Kyla and

Ashley’s place, and their apartment must smell a lot better without the stink

of Jake wafting around in it.  Kyla

settles in next to Ashley and they do what any desperate-for-attention girl

who’s had a taste of fame would do:  they

read about themselves on lame internet gossip sites.

Ashley finds a video called, “Kyla’s Midnight Confession”

and Kyla stupidly assumes it’s a link to her press conference.  Oh Kyla.

Remember Jake’s video camera?  Neither does Kyla. Nonetheless, it was

working just fine when she went off on a drug-fueled rant about her father and

Ashley. The video of it unrolls before their eyes.

Video Kyla: I hate having to lie about him. Rafe Davies was

a drugged-out, absentee loser of a father who never gave a crap about his kids.

And now I have to sing a crappy song by him? What a joke. Oh gosh, and then

there’s Ashley. Ooh I love Ashley.

Not in a like a gay way or anything, ‘cause obviously we’re sisters, you

know.  Not that it would really stop her

because she is SUCH A WHORE. (laughs) I’m just kidding, fool, god!  No, but seriously, she is kind of though.

She’s got girlfriends, she’s got boyfriends, she’s got friends with benefits.  She even did it with our producer, I swear to


Kyla is mortified, Ashley is furious.  Kyla tells her, “I don’t know what to say.”

Ashley snaps, “You’ve said enough!” and storms out of the room.

Next week on South of

— Aiden gets dumped and Spencer let’s her fingers do the walking

with Jonica.

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