“Grey’s” Melissa George gives scant details about her new bisexual character


As we’ve reported, Melissa George joins the cast of Grey’s Anatomy on Nov. 13 as Sadie, a bisexual intern and old, close friend of Meredith’s. Just how close they were back in the day is the question on everyone’s minds.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, George tries to shed some light on Sadie and her upcoming episodes.

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead. And by “spoilers,” I mean some character backstory, some plot points that raise more questions then they answer, and a lot of hypothesizing and “They haven’t told me,” quotes on George’s part.

George said of Sadie: “She’s a girl that walks on the wild side… I’m dying to know why she behaves so recklessly. Anyone who behaves like that has to have a lot of issues.”

And she can process those issues with me anytime.

Sadie, Sadie, Bisexual Lady is also going to be very open, and maybe even a little “reckless” while she commutes between Boystown and the Motherland.

“She doesn’t think attraction should be by gender,” George said. “She seems to get a thrill out of shocking people.”

Because we all know that bisexual women are car-ray-zee! Oh, wait — that’s just Tila Tequila.

And what of Meredith, Sadie’s old BFF? Were there any Europass indiscretions while they “traveled around the world together,” in their younger day?

Whatever happens in Paris, stays in Cancun, apparently, because in the interview, George seems to have as many questions as we do:

There’s a lot of [Mer-Sadie] dialogue like “Don’t tell them what happened!” So, something did happen, but I’m not sure what. They obviously traveled together and were very close. Did they date? Did they not? Did something major happen to them that they swore they’d never discuss? It could be anything.

“It could be anything.” Well, that clears it up for me. Guess we can all go home now.

George does reveal that sometime after returning home, Meredith got her job at Seattle Grace, while Sadie, because she’s a wild child, found employment at a morgue. Where she had an on again-off again romance with a guy or girl nicknamed McEmbalmy.

Other than that, George is just happy to be on the show, for what she confirms will be at least four episodes and counting.

When asked if Sadie will be buddying up to either Callie or Erica, (whom columnist Michael Ausiello repeatedly refers to as bisexual) George replied — you guessed it — “They haven’t told me.”

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