Gina Torres plays a politician in “The Amazing Mrs. Novak”


Lifetime has ordered a series pilot about a female governor. No, it’s not a comedy about the governor of Alaska, because who would watch something like that?

The pilot is actually for a proposed series called The Amazing Mrs. Novak, a drama about a wife and mom who works in a supermarket, and her inexplicable rise from suburban obscurity to New Jersey’s governor’s mansion.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the person in charge of the second wealthiest state in America to have a stained Shop Rite vest hanging in her closet.

The pilot stars Amy Pietz (Aliens in America) as the stupendously underqualified Trish Novak, and Gina Torres (Alias, Firefly) as her running mate for lieutenant governor. Kissing Jessica Stein‘s Scott Cohen will play Novak’s campaign manager.

The Amazing Mrs. Novak is based on the 2006 BBC semi-humorous miniseries, The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard, which was about a spunky supermarket manager who becomes Prime Minister. Apparently, Lifetime isn’t trying to cash in on the political current events of the U.S.; it’s merely trying to ride the coattails of the BBC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mrs. Novak was one of only a handful of pilots Lifetime deemed worthy — two others being a project about four college friends, 10 years after; and something called Drop Dead Diva, about a ninny model “whose mind is put in the body of a brilliant but frumpy lawyer.”

Wouldn’t the better premise be to have the mind of the brilliant lawyer put into the body of the model? Aren’t there enough frumpy idiots in the world?

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