“Grey’s Anatomy” 5.5 – “Take off your pants”


Callie and Erica had sex for the first time in tonight’s episode ("No ‘I’ in Team"). Callie was upset the next day, and told Erica she wanted out — but not, we learn, because she inherently didn’t like the sex. But because she wasn’t instantly good at it, and she has to be good at everything she does, immediately. (News flash, Callie: that’s item No. 3 on the checklist "You Might Be Queer If…").

Here she is asking Sloane for help:

Here’s what Grey’s writer Jenna Bans had to say about this story line over on the Grey‘s writers blog:

So the Callie/Erica saga got a little interesting, hmm? I have to say, Shonda and I got more a little crap for “The Sloan Method” – or as some people interpreted it, the idea that Callie Torres had to go to a man to learn how to please a woman. But that wasn’t the intention at all. Here’s the thing. To Callie, Mark Sloan is not just a magic manwhore, he’s a person. He’s her person. And who do you go to if you’re going “down there” for the first time and you’re freaking out and you need some good old-fashioned sex advice? You go to your best friend. Which for Callie, HAPPENS to be Mark Sloan. Who HAPPENS to be a man. A man who HAPPENS to have an excellent reputation between the sheets. That’s all it is, I swear. We’re all pro women getting down with women over here at Grey’s. We’re pretty much pro anyone getting down with anyone. Yay, getting down!

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