Lindsay Lohan is back on “Ugly Betty”


Aw, look: it’s Cady Heron, all alone at the lunch table, shunned by those horrible Plastics.

Cady looks different — older, wiser and, gayer.

Wait a second, that’s not Cady Heron: That’s Lindsay Lohan guest starring as Betty’s arch nemesis, Kimmie, on Ugly Betty. Awesome!

I take my television seriously, so I mean it when I say it: Ugly Betty is good again, folks!

Season 2 had some seriously bumpy patches. By the end, I didn’t care if I saw Henry or Gio ever again. This season, the focus is back on Meade Publications. The power struggle between Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina Slater and L Word alum Eric Mabius‘ Daniel Meade is on. So far we’ve had attempted murder, kidnapping, and — Spoiler Alert! — the reveal that Daniel didn’t father his French love child; Daniel’s sister fathered his French love child! Oh, telenovas.

Tonight, Lindsay Lohan returns as Kimmie. She appeared last season in one of Betty’s sugar-induced coma flashbacks as the mean girl who always used Betty as a shield in dodgeball. On this season’s premier, she played Betty’s dad’s boss at Flushing Burgers in Queens. Tonight, she apparently gets a job at Mode.

Will Betty cave, and join the Plastics to beat a plastic? Will Kimmie continue to humiliate Betty in front of her friends and family? Will Kimmie and Marc get into a full-on girl fight? One can only hope.

Tune in tonight at 8:00 EST on ABC to watch. (That’s an hour earlier than you usually turn on ABC to squeal every time Callie and Erica come into a frame together.)

Update: E! Online reports that Lohan will not be making any more Ugly appearances after these episodes, due to creative differences and attitude problems.

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