Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Knockouts” (Episode 6)


Mama said to knock you out! Okay, okay, she probably didn’t say that. It’s safe to say that most women aren’t trained to throw punches first and ask questions later. But this week we pay homage to the women of film and television who do just that. They lack impulse control and they get away with it!

It’s not just that we envy them, we also appreciate the fact that they can look amazing while rearranging someone else’s face. Whether it’s Michelle Yeoh, Jada Pinkett Smith, Uma Thurman or Michelle Rodriguez, our "knockouts" are women whose mugs you might not mind looking at as you’re falling to the floor. And as we all learned from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a little consensual fisticuffs can easily function as foreplay.

So grab your gloves and celebrate female hand-to-hand combat with us. If we’ve forgotten some pugnacious lovely, just let us know. We don’t have to fight about it!

Dara & Karman’s Hit List "Knockouts" (Episode 6)

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