“South of Nowhere” Recap: Episode 3.10 “Spencer’s 18th Birthday”


Spencer escapes the inevitable

awkward silence that follows a dumb comment like that by going off to

fetch more graham crackers, which makes her seem even more naïve and

innocent. She’s Bad Girl Bait, and John takes it!

She jumps up and races after

Spencer. “Hey, Spencer. Yeah…you’ve…got a little marshmallow

on your lip.”

She slowly and deliberately

wipes the alleged marshmallow from Spencer’s lip, right there in the

backyard in front of Paula and everybody.

And by “everybody,” I mean

The Seed.

The Seed: Who are

those girls?

Oh, Lily

is the filmmaker who produced the documentary that featured Clay.

The Seed:
I don’t

mean to judge

You never do.

The Seed:
But do

you think those are the kinds of people that Spencer should be hanging

out with?

Good call, meemaw. I don’t

think Spencer should be hanging out with poser girls who try too hard

to act sexy and speak in hushed porn-y toned voices either

Paula fights back, telling

The Seed that Spencer is 18 and that she doesn’t tell her who to hang

out with. The Seed sniffs, “You know what I’m talking about.”

Spencer joins the conversation

and The Seed just lets it rip.

The Seed:

Spencer, you know your friends, the one with the shirt and the other

one with the



The Seed:

It would appear that they are…


Gay. Does that bother you, grandma?

The Seed

I don’t judge. But, we all have choices to make.


Well I think when you’re gay, it’s not really a “choice.”

The Seed

Oh there’s always a choice. We all have feelings, but we don’t always

act on them. It’s what separates us from the beasts.

Aww, meemaw is good with kids


With The Seed’s tone starting

to get biblical, Paula steps in.


Mom, Spencer’s gay.


What? Paula, how could you say such a horrible thing?


It’s not horrible, grandma, it’s true. I’m gay.

The Seed:

(to Paula) Do you see what happens when you turn away from traditional

family values? Your mother never had any respect for them. Please don’t

make the same mistakes she did.

That would be kind of impossible,

unless they find a way to scramble together Spencer and Ashley’s eggs.

Paula: Mistakes?

That “mistake” is outside helping his father clean up after his

sister’s party. I got pregnant in college, I married a man you didn’t

like. My God mom, I’ve spent my entire life trying to please you.

And as it turns out, I’ve been married to that wonderful man for almost

20 years. I’m a surgeon, and a mother to two beautiful children and

one whose death I will never get over. This is my family, and none of

it was a mistake.

The Seed:

Well you’re making one now. I did not raise you this way.


you didn’t! I spent my whole life feeling guilty and ashamed. And

I was nearly going to do that to Spencer, in fact I was. But I won’t.

I can do better.

The Seed:

A mother’s job is to guide her child, teach her right from wrong.

Paula: Mom,

a mother’s job is to love her child unconditionally, and to be proud

of her. It took my daughter to teach me that. And if you can’t accept

it, then that’s your problem, not mine.

Wow, I did not see that

coming back in the day when Paula was dragging Ashley out of Spencer’s

bedroom by a fistful of hair!

I don’t think I can, in good

conscience, call Paula “Mother Superior” anymore. However, “Grandmother

Superior” is totally up for grabs.

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