“South of Nowhere” Recap: Episode 3.10 “Spencer’s 18th Birthday”


Where have I seen grandma before?

Wait, I know! She used to be a horrible little girl. A really evil little

girl named Rhoda Penmark. But you may know her as The Bad Seed.

Spencer’s grandmother is

Bad Seed? She’s got bigger problems than I ever imagined.

Paint a picture, it’ll

last longer
Glen is at Chelsea’s studio picking out

a painting to give Spencer for her birthday. We haven’t really talked

about this, but don’t you think there’s a little something something

going on with these two? Glen has some actual manners when he’s with

her, and she’s the only person in his life who doesn’t tell him

what a loser he is every day. It may not sound like much, but some marriages have been built on less!

Glen chooses one really interesting

image, only to find out it was Chelsea’s rough sketch for Clay’s

memorial contest, the one she’s decided not to enter. She thinks honoring

Clay’s memory is “too much pressure” and she just wants to put

the whole tragedy behind her.

Glen gives her a sweet little

pep talk, reminding her that she’s an artist and chiding her for caving

to a little pressure. Unlike everyone else in Los Angeles, Chelsea listens

to Glen, and she reconsiders.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

— While waiting for Spencer to roll up to the house with The Germinated

Seed in tow, Paula is scraping the gunk off of her window panes.

She’s been in a cleaning frenzy and Arthur has had it! He reminds

her that she’s an adult now and that “some people” (i.e. “your

bitch mother”) will never be happy, so one shouldn’t waste time

trying to please them.

Just as his words are sinking

in, Spencer and The Seed show up.

Paula puts on a happy face,

and so does Arthur, but not The Seed. She screws up her face when making

reference to “the fancy car” that she rode home in, and when Arthur

goes in for the obligatory son-in-law smooch, she stuffs her purse in

his face.

I half expect her to scream

“Masher!” when she does it. But, alas, she does not.

You can’t win if you don’t

— Across town, Chelsea and Glen show up just in time for

Chelsea to present her application for the memorial contest. But

this makes them super late for Spencer’s birthday barbeque. Glen’s

not worried. He tells her, “That’s okay, they expect me to be late.

And I don’t like to exceed expectations.” Glen is slowly becoming

a sad clown.

Chelsea suggests that he spend

more time working on himself and less worrying about her, and she even

asks, “Why do you care so much?” (Which is actually a girly way

of asking, “Do you like me?”)

Glen claims that he’s just

protecting his brother’s memory, but adds, “And when you’re working,

you make this cute scrunchy face…”

Don’t make me say “I told

you so!”

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