Italian television gets its first lesbian kiss


A few weeks ago, AE writer Dara Nai told us all about the new Italian hospital drama, Terapia d’urgenza, which features two lesbian characters, pediatrician Marina Ranieri del Colle (Alessia Barela), and her paramour, nurse Esther (Elisabetta Rocchetti). The show is an adaptation of the popular Spanish medical drama, Hospital Central.

L to R: Alessia Barela, Elisabetta Rocchetti

According to Dara (via, Barela prepared for her role by studying The L Word. It looks like all of that research paid off this week when Marina and and Esther self-administered a little sexual healing in an elevator — the first lesbian kiss on Italian televison (thanks to AE reader Sid for the tip!).

Watch it now here (if this video won’t work for you, try it here):

Blogger Anik LaChev translated this scene on her great site that includes all sorts of information about Marina and Esther:

[Elevator drawing to a stop in front of Esther. Nursing personnel spills out, leaving only Marina, leaning against the wall next to the console. Esther enters, standing close to her in the spacious elevator.]

Marina: [pushing loose from the wall]: Hey.

Esther: Hey, are you going down? [she is pushing the “open doors” instead of the “close doors” button] Oh good Lord, I’m sorry. [she is very nervous]

Marina: Everything all right with Aldo?

Esther: Yes. [they are now very close to each other.] In the sense of that with him, it’s over. I closed that chapter.

[Marina slowly keeps invading Esther’s space, in by inch, while Esther looks at her without drawing back. She begins to breathe heavily as Marina stares at her lips and then reaches out to touch them with her fingertips. Esther finally breaks the tension and cups Marina’s head between her hands, initiating a kiss that has them stumble through the opposite wall of the elevator, continuing between blissful and hungry until the door suddenly opens and Rocco catches sight of the scene.]

Esther: Hello…

Marina: Hello…

Rocco: I’m getting on, you two?

Marina: [getting out with Esther] We have arrived.

Yes indeedy, they sure have! And if this episode is any indication of what’s to come on Terapia d’urgenza, I’m going to start learning Italian immediatamente!

This kiss comes 17 years after the first lesbian kiss on U.S. television, but there’s no comparison between the two. Despite all the controversy at the time, that L.A Law kiss was dead on arrival. This one from Terapia d’urgenza, on the other hand, was hotter than anything we’ve seen on broadcast television lately in the United States. Except for what we’ll be seeing soon on House.

What is it with hot lesbian medical personnel, anyway? Don’t TV lesbians go to law school or study linguistics anymore?

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