Hot “House” promo stars Olivia Wilde in lesbian sex scene


Fox has very, very wisely put up this promo for next week’s episode of House M.D. (“Lucky Thirteen”), the one in which Olivia Wilde‘s character Thirteen finally explores her bisexuality on camera.

It’s a hot make-out scene between Wilde and another woman, the kind you virtually never see on broadcast television, with The Kills’ “Cheap and Cheerful” playing in the background:

You can tell one of the writers of this episode is a lesbian (former Xena writer Liz Friedman), and that it stars a woman (Wilde) who has actually kissed another woman before (Mischa Barton, on The O.C.).

Is this promo a cheap marketing ploy designed to lure new (straight male) viewers to House next week? Absolutely. Will it work? Absolutely. Does that bother me? Eh, not so much at this particular moment.

There’s also an extended version of this scene on, but fair warning: the rest of the scene is a lot more serious, and not nearly as fun to watch.

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