Tina Fey’s greatest TV moments


Celebrity website PopCrunch recently compiled its favorite Tina Fey moments, and since we know Tina pretty well, we thought we’d put in our two cents.

By now, you’ve probably all seen her Sarah Palin skits and her “Mom Jeans” commercial, so we’d like to reminisce about a few of our other Fey faves.

Liz Lemon gets some fashion advice

Dirty diva, indeed!

Tina Fey guest hosts on Ellen

Tina is not Ellen‘s first choice for her fill-in, but she’ll do. Our favorite Tina line: “I hope you get sick!”

Tina Fey talks dirty with David Letterman

This might be the only time to hear her talk about remote control vibrating underwear.

Tina big-ups Hillary Clinton on Weekend Update

Five words: Bitch is the new black!

Who knows — with Sarah Palin signed on to guest star on tomorrow’s SNL, we might get yet another funny Fey moment. Will you be watching?