Brunch with Guinevere Turner (Brunch with Bridget, Episode 36)


This week Bridget is joined by writer/director/actress Guinevere Turner, known for starring in Go Fish (1995), playing Alice’s ex Gaby on The L Word, and writing the movies American Psycho and The Notorious Bettie Page.

Guinevere talks about these, her short films, and gives us a sneak peek into the final season of The L Word. (Here’s a hint: As Tina Turner would say, “The Bitch is Back.”)

Before the pillows fly, Guinevere brags about her masterful five-finger discount at Rite Aid, and directs Baby Bridget in a straight sex scene (something none of us ever need to see again).

Brunch With Guinevere Turner (Brunch With Bridget,

Episode 36)

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